Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln '75


Does any body have any information (script, speech, etc.) about what version of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln was used from 1975-1984 at Disneyland?


I memorized the version on the WDW/DL record I had and found no problem with the saying the speech along with Lincoln during the show at that time and the music didn't seem different. This has lead me to believe that the track functioned for both parks at one time. I have been told that this isn't so by others however, I think they were referring to the World's fair version. I have yet to hear anyone to cough up the recordings to prove me wrong. I think alot of the songs were supposed to double for both parks, ie. the main street medley (I'm still of the opinion that those three tracks were done by DL units, one of which was Rod Miller). Again, I didn't notice a difference between the show and the album track for that time period. Perhaps this year we may get the version you are talking about, I would love to have it too.