Grand Opening of WDW TV Special


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Does anyone here have this on either Video or Audio? It was the TV show with Julie Andrews, Bob Hope, Glenn Campbell, Jonathan Winters, etc.


Here is the link to the audio section of that contains three musical performances from the Walt Disney World Gala Opening:


Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah is not the best, but her rendition of "World Full of Love / It's a Small World" (with Chorus) is very nice, and "When You Wish Upon a Star" is a gorgeous performance.



Someone here posted a link to the audio from Julie Andrews. It was low kbps, but not bad quality. Hearing Julie Andrews rap "Zippa Dee, Zippa Doo, Zippa Dee Doo Dah" is worth the hunt. Truly must rank as one of her WORST performances ever.

Hummm... "Bill will always be Bill".

"Worst" in capital letters in case we were to miss it!
The number is performed with an ersartz of The Kids Of The Kingdom and is visually terrific... I mean TERRIFIC!

See.... Julie has been ahead of everybody else; she was the first to rap, back in the 60's!


I keep forgetting that Julie is a diety in these provinces.

Oh no, you don't! :)

And you don't miss any opportunity to "trash" her just to provoke us...

We've been through that many times before, and, honestly, I find that rather funny because it's systematic!

I guess that's why .... we like you so! ;D :-*

Actually Julie is a Dame, not a deity... but WHO CARES!?! :eek:

-- I know, Dame does not mean a thing in the US of A; nor in France btw! --