Grand Floridian [1988]

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Visible for the first time! 🤩

Work in progress! I have not had time to fill in best sources for most tracks. Four tracks, three of which are ragtime piano possibly from the same source, have yet to be identified. Some day... 😆
So glad this is finally out! Is Deep Hollow by BA Rolfe on the old loop, perhaps possibly one of your missing tracks? I was able to identify this song in a recent video on YouTube.


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I posted that earlier and it was deleted from the thread. So, I think it belongs to the new loop.


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"Deep Hollow" is part of the new loop
I just found "Singapore Sorrows" which is off the California Ramblers CD (along with "The Pay Off", "She Belongs to Me", and "The Girl Friend")

Sad Grand Floridian news. The Grand Floridian Society Orchestra was let go permanently after 32 years. They announced it on their Facebook page.


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The speakers I have found are at doorways and high traveled areas making it very difficult (and awkward). During the very early morning or late night hours - I have never heard the music play. Morning and early afternoon "business hours" appear to be the best times but noisy. It does not seem to play during or between live performances (currently only piano) for easy enough to see reasons. The tracks I found were from lucky 10-15 second random moments of clear sound from my trips and YouTube.

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Is there a recording available to help identify the missing tracks?
I have a recording that I made from inside the men's room — complete with an occasional flush! 😂

I had always intended to go back to get an induction recording, but too many follow-up trips were met with silence.

I can post some short snippets, but these tracks were taken from old 78s, and I haven't had any luck so far.


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Per Shazam - "Ti-Pi-Tin" is from "Benny Goodman and His Orchestra: Sing, Sing, Sing". The times match and from the brief recording I made it seems to match.
"Loveless Love" appears to match "Sidney Bechet: 1923-1936". There are 2 two tracks called "Loveless Love". Track 5 - 3:18 and Track 17 - 2:58. it seems to match track 17.