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Loop runs 1:02:36

This loop plays at the hotel side gate into California Adventure, in the area outside of and around White Water Snacks, Napa Rose, Storyteller's Cafe and Hearthstone Lounge, in the pool area, at the entrance to the hotel from Downtown Disney, and in the courtyard near that entrance. There is a seperate loop that plays in the hotel lobby, and both the Napa Rose and Storyteller's Cafe have their own music loops.


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Grand Californian Exterior


Clearly, the loop was heavily influenced by Windham Hill artists and compilations, most notably the compilations Summer Solstice and Sun Dance: Summer Solstice, Vol. 3. Windham Hill was an independant record label founded by Will Ackerman (artist of several songs in this loop). Windham Hill artists have had a strong influence on other park music loops, such as the Epcot Innoventions Loop (inspired by and including the song Papillion by David Arkenstone) and the Studios' Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure loop (which features 7 tracks by Ray Lynch). The label was bought by Sony BMG in the early 90s.

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