Grand Californian BGM

Having just arrived home from the Grand Californian, I am curious to compile music from the hotel. I noticed 4 different loops while there. One plays in the lobby and hallway towards Downtown Disney. This music features a flute. Another loop plays at the walkways outside the restaurants and in the elevator lobby by Napa Rose. It may play elsewhere, but I cannot confirm this. One title was "Hotel California." The loop has a style like the music in Rushin' River Outfitters at DCA. The third loop plays in Storyteller's Cafe. It is similar in style to the previous loop, but this one has some Disney songs mixed in such as Zippa-dee-doo-dah and Heigh-Ho. Napa Rose has a dedicated loop as well. The music played here is similar to the "Seasons of the Vine" track on the Disneyland Resort Official Album. Any information and suggestions you can give on this topic are appreciated very much.

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No concrete info jmcalister, but I do remember hearing selections from either "Heigh Ho Mozart" or "Bibbidi Bobbidi Bach" playing as part of the lobby loop.

Did you ask at the front desk if they had a playlist? Sometimes they do.