Golden Times at WDR? Just a few thoughts...


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

as fans of Disney music we certainly concentrate at what you could call the heart of Disney music: music from the theme parks and the Disney movies or stage show plus relates stuff (like rerecordings, song albums etc.) which has led many of us to complain now and then that we all would love to see more rereleases of hard to get stuff or any release at all of treasured material from soundtracks (like the scores) or theme park attractions. With the latest releases and upcoming releases like the DL anniversary set, the Marry Poppins anniversary set and the 2-CD WDW Official Album there is a lot of interesting material just around the riverbend ...

But I think we totally missed out on the fact that Walt Disney Records right now seems to have one of their best times ever - not so much due to the typical Disney stuff that I mentioned above but due to their contemporary market releases.

Through its different labels WDR has managed to establish several artists who lead their field. No matter whether you like them personally or like their music, one has to admit that Hillary Duff (Hollywood Records) in the pop-world or Rascal Flats (Lyric Street) are moving a lot of records. Thanks to projects like these two WDR is positioned as wide as never before on the market - and is still having sucess, e.g. did fill the two tpo spots of the sales charts recently, as only Rascal Flats (a country band!) did unseat Hillary Duff from that number one position.

It will be interesting to see how long this lucky streak continues - and also wether Disney fans in a few decades will look back clamoring for rereleases of e.g. Hillary Duff and Rascal Flats like many Disney music fans did for Annette material.

... just a few thoughts that I had recently ...