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Does anybody know anything about the artist / availability of the acoustic guitar music which is heard over by Grizzly? I wrote DL site and they said they couldn't tell me. Thanks.


I don't relaly know anything about that one... but you're not the first person to get a "sorry" answer like that from Guest Relations lately in regard to a music loop question. Someone over at WDWMagic wrote to them asking about the music in WDW's Soarin' queue, and they got a letter back saying the Imagineers said that information was proprietary and couldn't be shared. ???

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No good reason that I'm aware. Maybe they assume that people are only asking so that they can assemble their own versions of the loops, but they're cynical and assume that it will be done by downloading illegally instead of buying the artists albums. That's the only explanation I can think of. Wonder if the artists know that though their stuff is getting exposure, they're not being given the credit.

On the other hand, I believe that what plays in the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail area is all specially recorded for WDI, and therefore the rest of Grizzly area might be too.


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My wife and I really like all the acoustic guitar music that is played through out Grizzly Peak Recreation Area. We were fortunate enough to find the names of the songs played there at . It is listed under Disneyland:California Adventure:Golden State:Redwood Creek Challenge Trail BGM. Here is the loop.

1 Stealing
2 Faro's Rag
3 Whistlin' Rufu
4 Silver Bell - Cheyenne
5 Goat Island
6 Falls
7 Daisy Goes a Dancing
8 The Sophisticate
9 Dogue Creek
10 I'm Gonna Do All I Can For My Lord
11 Zaccheus
12 John's Tune
13 Uncle Herman's Hornpipe
14 The River
15 Tell Her to Come Back Home
16 Blackberry Picking
17 Tight Arrangements, Loose Fingers
18 Bicycle Tune
19 Little Martha
20 Sunflower River Blues
21 Festival Waltz

These are the great songs that you hear when you walk by the Grand Californian and the Grizzly River Run. They are by a variety of artists, such as Bob Hadley and Dale Miller. You can find some of the songs on CDs at Amazon.

Hope this helps! :)