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Can anyone tell me if audio from the Golden Horseshow was ever released commercially? I have an LP called New Year's Eve at Disneyland (Pepsi radio promo) and it has a track of a woman singing "Hello Everybody" with (I think) the Firehouse 5 + 2 playing back up. I haven't seen it before but I'm not too familiar with the older Disneyland LPs.



Yes, there sure was/is a Disneyland LP of the complete Horseshoe Revue, taped live, with Annette as guest star, singing Mr Piano Man...

And... "Hello, everybody!
We're mighty glad to see you
Here at the Golden Horseshoe!"

is still used at different Disney parks throughout the world.
Thanks for the interesting link! The Disneyland LP is a pricey ebay item; I was following one a few months ago--as I recall, I don't think that it was even in mint condition--I finally decided to let it go when it climbed to over $50, ending in the $70's, if my memory serves me well......

I was interested particularly in the Mellowmen's work on the LP, but now I see from your link that they only perform one number, which happens to be on the "Meet Me Down on Main Street" LP, which I already have; still, the Golden Horseshoe LP is a must have, another fading echo of Walt's time.



I find it so sad that the Walt Disney Records Archive Series failed, because that specific LP was going to be part of the second choice of titles... and those LPs of the 50's and 60's, IMHO, had a better sound quality, most of the times, compared to the ones released after!

How I wish they would put most of Paul J. Smith's music on cds!

"I Can Dream, Can't I?".......
Don't get me started on the Archive Series again......great loss--and it apparently wasn't all to blame on the Walt Disney Company! Randy Thornton felt that some of the problem was that stores didn't know how to catalogue/file the titles--did the Louis Prima/Mary Poppins CD go in the Disney/children's section, or in the jazz section, where you usually find him(and where I happened to come across the CD). Anyway, it's certainly a thing of the past, dropped like a hot potato, not even given a second try--the Golden Horseshoe LP would have been a great choice as part of the second wave of releases. And from the way things look, there certainly will be no resurrecting of the series anytime soon--but I think another Radio Jams title is just out, from a recent email from Walt Disney Records(quickly deleted)!

Wouldn't it be great if the WDC could just "subcontract" out, to let's say, Rhino Records, or some other interested company, so that these great old titles could live again, and maybe even introduce some young ears to some classic old sounds.



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Well, they did try it with their films. Look at Anchor was only after Anchor Bay actually made some profit off of their B titles that WDC took over again and released them themselves. I doubt that withough Anchor Bay, we would have seen any of the older/lesser titles out on DVD at all.

Rhino would be an excellent idea for ressurecting the old LP releases, but oh well.
Maybe WDR will re-issue the Golden Horseshow Review on CD! They could sell it at Disneyland. Wouldn't that be great? Here's hopping....

Louis :)


I am watching hallmark too. When Vault Disney had the plug pulled, I pulled the plug on the Disney Channel. Vault Disney should've had it's own channel. It would run day and night in my house. My kids love to watch vintage Disney and they like it as much as I do.