"Golden Dream" The American Adventure - Randy Bright/Bob Moline


Hey everyone, how goes it? I have a question i'd like to ask all you audiophiles and even you Randy!

Why does the CD versions of "Golden Dream" from The American Adventure by Randy Bright and Bob Moline lack instrumentation and SFX that the attraction version includes and plays? Here is a list of what I noticed is missing from the CD versions of the song:

tinker bell wand strike
drum beat (during kennedy's memorial)
landing whine eeeeeeee (during space shuttle landing)
trumpet at end
and endng sparkling

i wish the finale song would be released too. when franklin and twain are talking upon the statue of liberty.

any help would be greatly appreciated!
This may not be a direct answer (as I don?t have one), but here?s how it works ?

When I approach WDI about track I would like to include on the Official Albums, I ask them to provide me with materials that best represent their hard work. These folks pour their heart and souls into each recording, and it?s only right that they have the opportunity select how that work is released. Sometimes I get separated elements that allow me to build the audio, and sometimes I get a full mix. When I receive a full mix, it is usually created by the Show Producers, and/or the Composers themselves. The current version of ?Golden Dream? I received as a full mix. If the Show Producers and/or the Composer(s) feel something not be in the mix, that?s how it will be released. From my own experience, I can say that what works to great affect within the context of the attraction, doesn?t necessarily work as a musical listening experience ? which is what the Official Albums ultimately are. Whether that is the case with this particular track, I don?t know. All I can say is that - obviously a decision was made not to include those elements.

Hope that helps,
Randy Thornton


hi mr. thornton, yes that does help thank you i had just been wondering why they were omitted form the cd versions of the song. i feel they add to the song, but its out my hands. thank you for the background info on this it is most appreciated as is everything you do thank you! do you know if it will be possible to release more american adventure music in the future like part 2 of new world bound --- the song, etc...?

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The finale music you mentioned was released through the Disneyland Forever kiosks as part of the Great Moments with Mr Lincoln show, where it was also used as a finale.