Golden Dream question

Dr. Know

I'm trying to figure out how many versions exist of The American Adventure's closing song Golden Dream. Can anyone confirm the following for me?

1982 version runs 3:25
1992 version runs 3:48
1999 version runs 3:50 (same vocals, diff. orchestration from '92 version)? Is this correct, or are 92 and 99 versions identical?
Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln version runs 2:58 (taken from 1982 Epcot score)

Help, anyone?
Remember that on the Official Albums, the song cuts after the landing on the moon to the REPRISE of Golden Dream (the final sounds in the entire show) - cutting off the entire rest of the song.

I STRONGLY wish that on a future Official Album, the entire version of Golden Dream, the background to Twain and Franklin, then the entire reprise can be put as one track.

I even more hope that we can hear the sound effects (i.e. Tinkerbell on Walt Disney, the bugle, the drums during the JFK speech, and the "Olympics" trumpet towards the end) - these really add!!
If you don't care whether it's played in a theme park or not, there's another version on a CD called "America: The Golden Dream" (1996 Delos release). From the liner notes:

1. Golden Dream (3:05)
Words by Randy Bright, Music by Bob Moline
Choir and Piano Arrangement by Don Muller
Instrumental arrangement by Martin Kierszenbaum

There's also the version by "Derric Johnson's The Liberty Voices" on "Acappella Americana" (1992 -- Clydesdale and Associates Records). This is the Voices of Liberty's "other" name. This CD is usually available in the giftshop outside The American Adventure. This track is 3:27.