Golden Dream problem

Dr. Know

I was listening to "Golden Dream" from the 2001 OA, and noticed a very audible static sound, especially toward the end of the track. The problem is more obvious when you wear headphones.

I was wondering whether this problem afflicted the entire pressing. I'm sure many of you reading this board have the 2001 OA, and if you would be willing to check, I would be grateful.



Hey, Jim,

This static bugs me, too. I remember the first time I heard this version of Golden Dream (the newer one). I was so thrilled to hear a version I had never heard before; however, as the choir held out their final dramatic chord, I noticed static. I turned my speakers down and listened to it again, and yet, STATIC! I don?t know about you, but nothing wrecks a song like static during the big finish. I must say that I am surprised that the recording quality is so bad, seeing as it?s newer than the original, which sounded great--except the female singers lack of vocal control on the word, ?aloft.? Normally I am NEVER this picky, but in the studio you can record as many takes as you need! Granted, they could have been in a time crunch, but hey, it?s for DISNEY! OK, I?m done.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you?re not alone. BTW, which version of this song is your favorite and why? I personally prefer the Voices of Liberty version on their CD. For those of you who have heard this version, you must admit--WOW! I get chills every time.

Have a great day!


My guess it that it might have something to do with the frequency limitations of the CD. Remember that this music is recorded for the specific audio systems within the attractions. The release of a CD is usually an afterthought.

I have noticed the problem you mention slightly on my CD (not enought for most to notice I must admit), but listening to this track during the attraction it seems to be just fine.


I've never noticed that sound, but I'll check it out soon. My favorite version is the original one because thats the one I've been hearing since the 1991 album.