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Does anyone know if there's an "original" copy of Go Go Goodyear floating around? I listened to my copy again, and I now think it's a low quality copy of the Space Mountain Concourse version and not an "original" track. Can anyone shed some light on what the "original" sounds like?

Also, in the Horizons Loop, is there a music quote of "GE we bring good things to life?" Sounds like it to me, but I don't remember that from the attraction. Thoughts?

Lastly, does anyone know the history of "Get the Feel of the Wheel of a Ford"? Did the Sherman's pen this tune? Anyone know if Thurl is one of the singers?



Get The Feel Of The Wheel Of A Ford was the song planned for the Magic Skyway as it would be experienced in Disneyland. Unfortunately, Ford decided not to continue sponsorship - so the ride never made it to California....
Yes, that is Thurl Ravenscroft singing on it....


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And yes, the Sherman Bros. penned "Get the Feel of the Wheel". Apparently it was actually used publicly in a Ford special called "Fabulous Fords of the 50's" which aired sometime in 1990. It's listed in the book "Walt's Time".
well, I can tell you that six versions of "Go, Go Goodyear" were recorded for use in the New Tomorrowland of 1967..at the PeopleMover Sation.....However, only three were ever used.

March (used)
Modern Jazz A (used)
Cha-Cha (used)
Dixieland Jazz
Hawiian Rock
Modern Jazz B

I understand that it was all intended to be used as the bgm on board the PeopleMover as well, however a version of The Monorail Song (really called "Nation on Wheels) was used instead (maybe WED felt that too much of the rather short Goodyear tune was too much on such a lengthy ride/trip.

As for Get the Feel of the wheel of the Ford.that was written for a proposed New Tomorrowland 1967 attraction called....... "The Ford Cruise-o-magic" theater...........as for the Ford Magic Skyway.......that was never really expected to come to Disneyland......very early on.......Because:::: all those motors that you were riding over at Disneyland's PeopleMover....................were the very same motors from the Ford Magic Skyway. That's one reason the DL PeopleMover went so far out twords Fantasyland .....all those extra wedway track motors.

"Get The Feel of The Wheel of A Ford"
was recorded in(all with vocals)

general demo...with current car models mentioned in song.....and with Thurl Ravenscroft!!

a beach/rock-beat
Modern Jazz
Continental -sophisticated (lounge?)
Country Western
rock n roll
General version

I hope this helps...but i think i forgot what the original question was........

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Also, in the Horizons Loop, is there a music quote of "GE we bring good things to life?" Sounds like it to me, but I don't remember that from the attraction. Thoughts?

-from what I recall, and what I have heard from others, the only GE plug was at the end of the Horizons attraction. After vistors did the simulated space/underwater adventure, and right before the ride exit, the cars went by an illuminated GE logo, or 'Meatball' as it is called. In fact, it looked very similar to the logos that you see in the World Showcase lagoon right before and after the fireworks.

My two cents. Cheers!
....yes.....the GE."We Bring Good Things To Life" was used in Horizons at EPCOT. A small portion at the end of the ride (just before you exit).and in the exit area muisc.wich alternated many, many variations of "If We Can Dream it" and "We Bring Good Things To Life".

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