Give Playlists as Gifts on iTunes

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I've been checking out some of the new features in iTunes 9, and one of the ones that I've actually thought they should put in is now there: you can now give playlists as gifts.

It's long been possible to give a song as a gift or an entire album, but you can now give a specific list of songs as a redeemable gift, all at once. Why do I post this here?

It occurred to me that it could be a neat thing for giving (or giving away) music loops. Now granted, not all songs (particularly in the more eclectic loops) are available on iTunes- in my experience there's pretty much always at least one song that is not available digitally.

But even so, in many cases most of the tracks are. This could be an interesting thing as a contest- the winner get's a copy of all of the iTunes available tracks in a loop. Or just for giving as a gift to that special someone (who happens to like Disney music loops).


I actually want to play with iTunes LP, but can WDR use this technology with their next WDR catalog rerelease please??