Ghost Riders In the Sky


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The Country Bear Vacation Hoedown had a great, great version of the song "Ghost Riders In the Sky." Anyone know where it can be found on CD or MP3?


I guess I would check out the Country Bears Vacation Hoedown. I'm pretty sure that contains all the songs used in The Country Bears Vacation Hoedown.

Hope that helps.

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Ps- which is on the new 6 CD set, by the way.


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Does the 6 CD set include the Entire soundtrack from Vacation Hoedown? Or just "Nothin' Like the Great Outdoors?" (As on past Disneyland CDs?)
Interesting how Disney recycles songs. I have the Stan Jones "Ghost Riders In the Sky" LP from the late 50s. Stan Jones was/is ( not sure if he is still alive) quite an songwriter.
I recently found an LP called "By the Fireside". Walter Brennan narrates and sings songs written by Stan Jones. What a cool album!! You get a great feel of the 50s listening to this LP. One of the songs is "Lillies Grow High" which is also found on several Disneyland/BV LPs.

WDL 3033 How the West Was Won
BV 3307 Rex Allen sing 16 Favorites songs ( Also on CD)
WDL 3015 Stan Jones "Creakin Leather"
BV 3015 Stan Jones "Ghost Riders" (sames as WDL, just named differently)



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Stan Jones did a national park album for Disney. I believe it claims he was (among other things) a park ranger, and that "Ghost Riders" was dreamed up during some park campfire sessions (or something like that).

"Ghost Riders" was a tremendous hit in the late '40s/1950s. Vaughn Monroe had the big hit version, but it was recorded by everyone from Peggy Lee to Morton Gould who did a dynamic orchestral version.

Many have noted, however, that the tune is essentially a re-write of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home".

The hilarious Spike Jones version (in which the cowboys have Jewish accents - "This is a cowboy legend?????") ends with a snatch of "When Johnny etc"). ;D

Jones (Stan) also wrote the songs for John Ford's "Wagonmaster," a GREAT score, and a tune for Disney's "Westward Ho the Wagons," among other Hollywood work.

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Dang'd if you ain't right! Now how come I never noticed that the two songs were one and the same?!
Great topic--I've been meaning to respond, but it's been a bit of a hectic summer so far--whatever happened to those lazy, hazy, crazy days.........

I'd love to see some of Stan Jones's LP's for the Disney label released through the Wonderland series; I've got a very cracklin'-poppin' Creakin' Leather, that's just too noisy to listen to.

The Songs of the National Parks LP(WDL-1005) that DonitoLeCanard referred to is a great one; all the songs are written by Stan--and the narration is by none other than Thurl Ravenscroft! Thurl is part of the chorus("The Ranger Chorus," according to the LP, whose members are unidentified) on at least some of the songs--"Song of the Trail" is my favorite, which actually sounds like it could be sung by the Mellomen themselves--maybe only Tim Hollis knows for sure! I'd definitely like to see this one on Wonderland.

Chevron Oil used to do the Standard School Broadcast on radio for kids to listen in the classroom. In 1959, the theme was "Musical Tour of Our National Parks". I found a booklet, map and LP at a thrift store. I thinks it was one sent to a school as a preview and guide to the broadcast. The cool thing was the music they used in preparing the broadcast. Most of it was Disneyland LPs:

a. WDL 1005 Songs of the Nat'l Parks
b. WDL 4003 People and Places; Samoa, Switzerland
c. WDL 3026 Winter
d. WDL 4011 True-Life Adventures
e. WDL 4006 Secrets of Life
f. WDL 3033 This was the West
g. Decca DL 8711 Sundown Songs
h. Capital T 10000 Her Majest'y Royal Marines
i. Capital T 470 Hawaii Calls

Included as artist (with pix in the booklet) of the School Broadcast were Thurl Ravenscroft, Stan Jones and Mary Costa (who was also that year being the voice of Disney's Sleeping Beauty).

Walt Disney Productions also loaned the scores from the films of The Living Desert, Vanishing Prairie and White Wilderness, which were perfomed under direction of conductor Carmon Dragon.

Wow, Ken--looks like I need to start trolling the local thrift shops, besides roaming through eBay(it'll never happen!)! Thanks for sharing the story--that LP was quite a find(along with that Walter "Real McCoy" Brennan one you referred to earlier!); so was the actual name of the record "Musical Tour of Our National Parks"?--I might want to do more trolling! Never thought I'd get back into records(alway hated the need for careful handling and cleaning), but there's so much out there that'll probably never get transferred to CD(like my Dracula's Greatest Hits LP......)--so I'm doing it myself, and now I'm even copying the album art/liner notes to complete the package--a bit of work, but still fun!



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Re:Stan Jones, WAGONMASTER, and Pecos Bill

If you live in the Los Angeles area and are interested in Stan Jones LACMA (Los Angeles Museum of Art) is screening John Ford's WAGONMASTER in August.

Stan Jones wrote four great songs for this film.

I always think of WAGONMASTER as Ford's "Musical" as the music is very profuse and foregrounded, and is performed by the Sons of the Pioneers.

I have also speculated that Ford was influenced by the use of music in Disney's Pecos Bill" sequence from MELODY TIME (1948).

The music and narrative of "Pecos" is performed by Roy Rogers and the Son, who also appear in the live-active sequences, and is a wonderful and original blend of music, song, and spoken word.

WAGONMASTER will be screened as part of the LACMA Tues. matinee series. I will have to check on the exact date.

I don't believe this film is on DVD as yet.