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after a lengthy time off-line I'm finally back - not that I thought anyone would have noticed ;) - to bring you an update from Germany and the Disneyland Resort Paris!

DLRP: nothing new so far since "Need Magic". No rumours about new material to be released anytime soon.

Germany: since the US-version of the Brother Bear OST was released last fall already more or less at the same time as in the US (by the way: I'm still trying to get my hands on the OST CD as sold at BestBuy with the Bonus Track, if anyone is willing to help please contact me via e-mail) and failed to have any impact on the charts, now on March 22. the German version of the soundtrack is going to be released to tie in with the release of Brother Bear on the big screen on March 18.

Here the tracklisting:

1.No Way Out (Single version) - Phil Collins / English
2.Great Spirits - Gracia / German
3.Transformation - Bulgarian Women's Choir
4.On My Way -Phil Collins / German
5.Welcome (Phil version) - Phil Collins / English
6.No Way Out (film version) - Phi Collins / German
7.Look Through My Eyes - Phil Collins / English
8.Transformation (Phil version) - Phil Collins / English
9.On My Way - Phil Collins / English
10.Welcome (film version) - Phil Collins / German
11.Three Brothers (score)
12.Awakes As a Bear (score)
13.Wilderness Of Danger & Beauty (score)

Already released is the Original German Cast Recording of Disney's Aida. It includes performed in German the same tracks as included on the Original Broadway Cast Recording. In comparison the German Cast recording sounds a bit less "pop style" and a bit more Broadway-style than the actual Broadway Cast Recording as the orchestra seems a bit lusher, a bit more classical.



Thanks for welcoming back :)

Just one more update: on Monday Heinz Winckler, the South African Pop Idol, has released his first single here in Germany. It's titled "Heinz Winckler - Next Stop Happiness". The Disney-connection: the second track on it is titled "Chasing Shadows" (running 4:44) and has been written by Rick Dempsey & Dave Hoffmann (published by Wonderland Music Co.) for "Disney's Treasure Planet". To be exact as the end title song played in the South African Release of the animated feature. The version on the single is the one used in the movie.