General WDW Loops Notes (May 2018)


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We're currently wrapping up a beautiful WDW trip, though even our ponchos are having a hard time drying out! Some general loop notes below-- pardon if this is old news as we haven't been in a few years and I've been a bit out of the loop on the music front.

- I can confirm Pecos Bill's still has a separate, but similar BGM from that of general Frontierland (started a thread about it here).

- Speaking of the Frontierland BGM, it's reach has now extended much farther than my memory serves. The plaza in front of Big Thunder periodically went back and forth between the BTMRR BGM and the general area BGM. Currently the BGM plays the general loop (the 59.37 one). However, the reach of the Splash Mountain BGM appears to have diminished somewhat; the 59.37 loop now plays out of the Briar Patch speakers and is not audible until you are well into the SM queue.

- The Tortuga Tavern/PotC queue, which used to exclusively play bits of the score from the soundtrack, now appears to play a more horn-heavy selection, one of the songs is "Two Hornpipes" from the Dead Man's Chest soundtrack.

- Boardwalk's Lakeshore BGM is still down, as reported on Mousebits.

- The Honey Bee-stro b/w Refreshment Port and JIYI has its own new-agey/acoustic loop.

- Echo Lake, Hollywood Boulevard, and DHS Main Entrance BGMs have all been replaced. DHS's main loop is big band versions of classic Disney songs. Hollywood Boulevard and Echo Lake appear to share a loop of instrumental jazz standards.

- Grand Ave/Muppets Courtyard has a new loop- old Muppet Show instrumentals are out.

Will add more as I hear them!


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A few more notes:

- F&G Fest Bee-stro has "Marrakesh" and "One for Shorty" by Acoustic Alchemy. The terra-cotta lamps and concrete block planters section on the JIYI side of the events path between WS and Future World has Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67: L'istesso Tempo-Pi? by St. Petersburg Radio and TV Symphony Orchestra (if these loops are the same, they are not synchronized)

- Skipper Canteen BGM has a fairly standard big band playlist that plays in the glass rotunda at the check-in. This playlist includes "Stardust" by Artie Shaw and His Orchestra and "Let's Dance" and "Bugle Call Rag" by Benny Goodman.