Geese in Small World?

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Listening to the Wonderland Album release of the NYWF Small World Album, I noticed that the geese in the Belgium scene are clearly human actors making Geese type sounds (quack quack actually). I know for most of my memory, at DL, the geese have had more realistic sounds, and I believe even after the restoration of the classic 60's soundtrack they continue to "vocalize" in the more realistic way. Does anyone know the story here? Were the more fake sounds ever used in the attraction, only in NY, only until the 92 makeover, etc...

And yes Bill, I'm a little bored.

Yes, the children are quacking on the album, because they recorded that at an early session. I read that Walt didn't like it, and it was he who suggested using the duck-call whistle that you hear on the ride.

I don't know why the quackers are on the album, but my guess is that they were just used eroneously. Did I spell that right? :)

I knew you were going to ask that!

I've been thinking about it, and I just don't remember. I know I read it within the last year or so. It was either somewhere on one of these boards, or the Ask Dave Smith column in a Disney Magazine, where a similar question appeared. It could also have been in a Bob Gurr piece on Laughing Place. Wherever it was though, it was a reliable source, so I filed it in my brain, because I noticed the same thing a while back and wondered about it too. When I finally found out the truth, it was a mystery solved and I moved on. lol

I know I'll figure out where I saw it, and when I do I'll get back to you.

In the meantime, good luck.