Gee...will we see $100 in our lifetimes?



Disney World Raises Ticket Prices Again
By Dow Jones
Dow Jones
LOS ANGELES (Aug. 6) - Walt Disney Co.'s Florida theme park is raising ticket prices for the second time this year, according to media reports.

Walt Disney World's new $67 daily, one-park admission fee took effect Sunday ups the price by $4, Reuters reported. On Jan. 1, the park's fees were raised to $63 from $59.75.

The increase allows travel guides and brochures to post the new pricing in 2007 publications. Disney officials told Reuters they don't expect any hikes next year, but the possibility remains.

Disney's theme parks have prospered thus far this fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30. Sales are up 10% for the first six months and operating profits have jumped by 36%.

Analysts are expecting another strong showing when Disney reports third- quarter results on Wednesday. Revenue is expected to climb in the high single- digit range while profits should grow by as much as 20%, according to some estimates.

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I'd assume we will - Disney is currently increasing its passport prices fast than inflation. Unless we see some major decrease in attendance I think it is safe to assume that they at least will continue to raise the prices at the level of inflation on long term.

Also I think we should not forget that many guests never actually see those prices until it is too late. Most non-fans I know decide they want to visit WDW with their family and then only look at the overall price of the packages including tickets.