GE Show 'N Tell Phono Viewer With Disney Record/Filmstrips

I just recently acquired one of these to give my Grandkids for Christmas. It came with 8 Disney Records & Film Strips. Anyone else remember these from their childhood?

Here's a photo of an old ad showing the viewer I got:


As you can see from the photos the kids can also play their many Disney 12 LPs.
Oh yes! I remember it well. I wanted one of those. A friend had one, and he didn't like it. So I'd play with it at his house all the time. Wow. What a nice blast from the past!
You're right the sound isn't that great, but the addition of the filmstrip to watch as the record plays makes the whole experience for most kids. My oldest Grandchild is 7, and the youngest is almost 3. All 5 of them love all of Grand Dad's old toys. This includes the Matchbox Cars; Kenner Give A Show Projector; Viewmaster Viewer & Projector with about 60 Disney Reels; Mickey Mouse Portable Turntable with Disney See, Hear, Read Sets; Fisher Price Movie Viewer System; and on and on.

Here's some more blasts for This is a photo album I put together of the tons of notstalgic toy and comic book ads I've accumulated over the past year or so. I have about 400 more photos to upload so if you're interested do keep checking back:

Nostalgia Toy & Comic Book Ad Photo Album
I don't understand why kids would have music, and not listen to it back then. Of course that is good for people who are buying those old LPs now days such as I am. What amazes me is to find one of the old Disney LPs still sealed.

I grew up with a boy who's parents never let him play with his toys past january 1st. he had to save all the bags and boxes, and they were stored away from then on in their attic. I mean he had pratically his own toy store full of MIB or even some Unopened toys in his attic he showed me one time. Boxes after boxes of MIB Marx Playsets, GI Joes, Matchbox Cars, Slot car sets, Toy Gun sets, board games and record albums. About 10 years ago he and his Dad wanted to start their own used car dealership. Joel made so much money off from selling his MINT IN THE BOX toys on ebay they were able to open and start the dealership without a loan. It's crazy to be raised that way, but oh well. To each their own.
I just recently acquired one of these to give my Grandkids for Christmas. It came with 8 Disney Records & Film Strips. Anyone else remember these from their childhood?

Wow that's *awesome*. I'd never seen that before. It looks like it was slightly before my time but it's still way cooler than the record player I had. There were so many weird audiovisual toys that I missed out on somehow but found out about later in life - Fisher Price did some real wild stuff.

In fact, when I first saw the picture you posted I thought that it actually had video encoded in analogue on the record, and for about 1.5 seconds my mind was blown.

Thanks for sharing the great pictures...
That would have been cool if the video was right on the record. Along those lines I got some of the Talking Viewmaster reels. Has anyone seen those? The sound comes off something that I can only describe as a little, plastic, compact disc that is riveted to the back of the picture reel. pretty awesome for its time. I'm like you MiklCraw4d. I missed out myself on all of the later audio/video advances by about 5 or 6 years. I was in High school by the time the GE Viewer came out. I actually just even learned of its existance earlier this year. I've been on a crusade to find a viewer ever since.