FYI - Turntables for Vinyl Records

A lot of you probably know this already, but just in case there are those who don't, brand-new turntables and record players are still available, and some of the prices are fairly reasonable. You can view several at this website:

I wanted my kids to be able to enjoy vinyl records, so I found a combination record/CD/cassette/radio unit at, believe it or not, K-Mart, for about $80.
The K-Mart turntable plays LP's and 45's, but some of the turntables on the website actually play 78's too. Also, you can still replace most phonograph needles and cartridges at Radio Shack by special order.

Since records continue to exist through personal collections, at thrift stores, and through eBay, it's reassuring to know there is still equipment for playing them.