Future World/Innoventions Plaza Area Music


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Loop runs 19:47

The loop plays throughout Future World, including around the entrance locations to Innoventions. Track times are approximate:

01 - Ascension (edited from the CD "Best of Both Worlds - The Second Audion Sampler" by Russell Brower, with some unreleased music included from 0:39 - 1:04) (1:04)
02 - Papillion (edited from the CD "In the Wake of the Wind" by David Arkenstone) (4:30)
03 - Introduction (0:51)
04 - Future World Theme (5:31)
05 - Arcs (released on the WDWF Project) (1:06)
06 - Interlude IV (1:06)
07 - 9' 35" for Six Weeks (1:44)
08 - Innoventions Adagio (0:26)
09 - Horizons (0:27)
10 - Interlude C (0:56)
11 - Future World Theme (Reprise) (0:53)
12 - Global Neighborhood (released on the WDWF Project, starting at 2:31) (1:14)

There have been several induction recordings of this in general circulation, some better than others. As most likely know, this wasn't supposed to be the loop that plays in this area. In fact, from what I can gather, there have been three versions of the loop, all of which have played, at one time or another, in EPCOT.

When Russell Brower was contracted to compose music for the Innoventions area, he wasn't given much time to complete the task. Brower picked several pieces of existing music and asked WDI to pick the song that represented the overall sound they wanted him to capture for the area. Of the tracks, they picked Papillion by David Arkenstone. Brower composed Future World Theme and mixed this track with edited versions of Papillion and a track Brower composed earlier called Ascension, which was released on the CD "Best of Both Worlds - The Second Audion Sampler." This mix was approximately 10 minutes long and, from what I am told, was used for the first several weeks after Innoventions opened.

As the 10 minute loop was being used, Brower completed his version of the loop, which was approximately 48 minutes long. However, the person at WDI in charge of the project believed the loop was too long and asked Brower to not only shorten it, but to insert the Papillion piece back in. Brower obliged and, after making several other changes and deletions, came up with the 19:47 version that you hear today. Of interest, there are a few pieces in the 19:47 version that were not included in the 48 minute version (Interlude C, Future World Theme (Reprise), and a different mix of Innoventions Adagio).

To date, even after several attempts to get the full, original, loop installed, the 48 minute version can only be heard in one room (the "Bubble Room") at Mouse Gears. The full tracklist for the 48 minute version is as follows:

01 - Introduction
02 - Future World Theme
03 - Fiber Optics *
04 - Innoventions Plaza Theme *
05 - Interlude I *
06 - Golden Dream *
07 - Arcs *
08 - Fountain of Nations *
09 - Spaceship Earthrise
10 - Interlude II *
11 - We Used to (Listen to the Land) *
12 - Symphony of the Seed *
13 - Interlude III
14 - Clockworks *
15 - Cascades *
16 - Interlude IV
17 - 9' 35" for Six Weeks
18 - Innoventions Adagio *
19 - The Living Seas *
20 - Horizons *
21 - Fun to Be Free *
22 - Interlude V *
23 - Magic Journeys
24 - Interlude VI
25 - World on the Move *
26 - Interlude VII
27 - Global Neighborhood *

* Released on the WDWF Project

There is a reconstruction of the loop in limited circulation, running 54:53, but it's not accurate.

The good news, however, is that a different mix of the loop was compiled for a special event at Disneyland and this version, which has circulated in some fashion, has all of the tracks used in the EPCOT version, except one, while including a few other additions. The missing track, Clockworks, is easily found in the WDWF Project. This loop runs 52:39 and varies from the 27 track playlist above as follows:

Track 14, Clockworks, was replaced with It's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.

Track 28, Interlude C added. Also used in the 19:47 version

Track 29, Future World Theme (Reprise). A slightly edited version is also used in the 19:47 version

Track 30, Grows on You added.

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