Future World Area Music Loop (59:08)

Can anyone assist with information related to the 'Future World Area Music Loop' track that clocks in at 59'08"? I have two identical copies of this track with no information other than the time and a date of 2003. I believe this is a larger cut of the 'Innoventions Plaza' Loop that is 19'47".


Playlist Author
I believe that is the outdoor loop that runs 19:47 just recorded three times in a row. The loop that plays in Mouse Gears is around 54 minutes.
Behold... more info about the Innoventions music you could ever need:
For the Epcot versions - complete tracklistings, timings, and basic background info.

Except for Disneyland's Innoventions :p I could add more info about it later, if anyone finds out specifics.

This clears it up - thanks to blm07 and Horizons for pointing me in the right direction.