Frontierland Stockade Entrance Loop

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Does anyone remember the music that used to play as you entered Disneyland's Frontierland. It could only be heard within a small radius of the entrance, but was very distinctive. It was a very twangy banjo, playing some sort of patriotic ballad. I could not name the ballad, but still remember it in my head. A few years ago they removed this track, and I miss it very much. does anyone know if this can be loacated anywhere on line, and what the name of the song was that played?

That track played from the early 1970's up untill about 1993. It was the only tune that played. It's called "Western Saloon" and was part of the Capitol Records Production line of music-------You can hear it now-and-then in commercials.and even an episode of Rin and Stimpy!!! WDW featured it in part of there full WDW BGM of the mid 70's. That song alond with the real BB gunns at the shooting arcade was a well known sound entering Frontierland for years.

That track, "Western Saloon" is still availab;e them OGM Records --who handles the old Capitol Records production. It's available for licsencing, however you would have to purchase a group package, that starts in the 2-3 k range. I think it is part of the Orange Libe Professional package.



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If it's the tune I'm thinking of, I've also heard it as part of the loop that plays on the Mark Twain between snippets of narration.

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I should mention that music still plays at the Frontierland entrance- it's a different loop than the regular Frontierland loop. It only appears to come from one or two speakers, and it plays so quietly that it's almost impossible to hear unless you're looking for it. I'm not sure if this would be the same music as what you heard however, in fact from what I recall it isn't.

That kind of music does indeed play on the Twain though; I'm working on putting together a full list.