Frontierland Shooting Gallery BGM


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I found this listing in the archives. Can anyone help complete this?

01 - Ghost Riders In The Sky
02 - Pecos Bill - Roy Rogers & The Sons of Pioneers
03 - Unknown
04 - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
05 - Tumbling Tumbleweeds - Roy Rogers
06 - Unknown
07 - Unknown
08 - Unknown
09 - The Ballad Of Davy Crockett
10 - The Theme from The Wild Wild West
11 - The Theme from Bonanza
12 - The Theme from Big Country
13 - Cool Water - Roy Rogers & The Sons of Pioneers
14 - Home On The Range
15 - The Magnificent Seven
16 - Hoedown from Rodeo
17 - Unknown
18 - Theme from Blazing Saddles
19 - Theme from City Slickers
20 - Unknown
21 - Theme from How The West Was Won
22 - Unknown
23 - My Darling Clementine
24 - Theme from Back To The Future Part III
25 - Unknown

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If it's the DL Frontierland Loop your lookin' for here's the official list by WDI. Still haven't verified what the numbers in parentheses stand for but of course I suspect it's the track numbers from the original album.

Disneyland Frontierland 1995 Area Music Enhancement - Total Play Time 62:17

1. High Noon (3:52) (Great Westerns # 8) (EDL)
2. The Good, the bad, and the Ugly (2:49) (Great Westerns #15) (EDL)
3.Tumbleweed (vocal) (2:39) (Sons of the Pioneers #1)
4. Oklahoma Crude (2:21) (Happy Trails #18)
5. Red River Valley (3:39) (Under the Western Sky #5)
6. Big Valley (0:44) (Happy Trails) (EDL)
7. Have Gun Will Travel (Happy Trails #21)
8. Ballad of Davey Crockett (vocal) (Blue Set Disc 3 #17)
9. Wild Wild West (TV Toons #47)
10. Bonanza (Round Up) #5 -1 (EDL)
11. Big Country (Round Up #9) (EDL)
12. Cool Water (vocal) (Sons of the Pioneers #9)
13. Home on the Range (Under the Western Sky #9)
14. Magnificent 7 (Round Up #3)
15. Rodeo Hoedown (Copland #6)
16.Blazing Saddles (Vocal) (Soundtrack)
17. City Slickers (Soundtrack #9) (EDL)
18. Wagon Train (Round Up #5-3)
19. How the West Was Won (Broughton #3)
20.Sons of Katie Elder (Round Up #13) (EDL)
21.Ghost Riders In The Sky (Under the Western Sky #2)
22.Pecos Bill (Vocal) (Sons of the Pioneers #11)


Yep, it seems they're the track numbers. Not all are correct, though...

The Sons of Katie Elder is not #13 on Round-up (that's Silverado), but #2 on Happy Trails.

The Frontierland City Slickers track is actually #3 on the soundtrack. (Incidentally, an edited version of #9 is used for the on-board music of Disneyland Paris Railroad.)

That's all I caught, but then I don't know all of those CDs..



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Thanks for sharing this. This is terrific!

I thought I heard Frankie Laine singing "Blazing Saddles" recently when I was at Disneyland and couldn't believe it. That's why I was searching the archives.

Now you tell me WDI even confirms it officially. These are indeed strange days.

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As a former merchandise Cast Member I came across this list in some of the paperwork that was kept at one of the cash registers one day while working in Frontierland. It was really wierd, that there would even be a list and that it would have so much info on it. I had to hand copy it myself on a scrap of Register tape so there was even more info (don't remember but there could have been UPC's from the albums, or other pertinent info.). I never saw any music reference for the other areas I worked in.


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This is a fascinating list. I am re-creating the loop from the original sources and who would have guessed that WDI would use the 101 Strings versions of "High Noon" and "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"?

And Jim Hendricks? Who knew? "Under the Western Sky" is out of print and Amazon is selling it used for $28+ (fortunately, I have two other possible sources for less than half that).

But there is one nagging problem. The listing made on site is almost a perfect match but it has three additional tracks: "My Darling Clementine", "Theme from Back to the Future III", and an unknown. I wonder if these were added/removed at a later date? Anyone have any more info on these last three? Thanks!

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Your right! I have always loved the Back to the Future films and I can't believe I didn't notice it's omission on this list. I'll see if I can track down my original copy of the list and see if perhaps I just forgot to copy them here.

The selection from BTFuture III that is used is Track 14 on the soundtrack "We're Out of Gas" I believe. It doesn't contain the original BRF theme but rather the western theme after a slow intro. This could use some verification though just to make sure it's not a custom edit of this and another piece.

Out of curiosity what do you all think of Disney using this "popular music" some with vocals, as opposed to more ambient stuff that you might hear in a western town ie: a simple guitar solo or sfx?


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Thanks for checking on this; it is a puzzle.

This loop really does push the limits. When I hear the vocal for "Pecos Bill" I'm reminded of the Disney cartoon and when I hear "Davy Crockett" I begin to sing along. But when I hear Frankie Laine singing that old west ballad "Blazing Saddles", I just stop and go "What the . . . !!??"

But then I laugh, so I guess it works. And now I gotta have my own version.


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Most of the large loops that are circulating as Frontierland BGM are of the "more ambient" variety. Apparently they are from the Big Thunder Barbecue loop that begins with "Streets of Laredo" and ends with "The Old Chisum Trail".

I don't remember hearing this but that's probably because it didn't include "Blazing Saddles".


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The more I dig into this the more interesting it becomes. What was selected and where they came from continue to fascinate me.

Although there is a version of "How the West Was Won" on Kunzel, they opted to use the Broughton version from the "Wild Wild West" CD.

Also the "Big Valley" and "Have Gun Will Travel" clips are edited from a longer segment that included six other television themes but not the TV series "The Wild Wild West."

For that they choose to use "30 Years Of Funtastic TV Toons 1960 - 1990" released in 1990 by the Australian company Concept Records. It apparently was the most comprehensive collection of television theme songs ever published but is now out of print.

And I'm still looking for the Sons of the Pioneers CD where:
1. Tumbleweeds, 9. Cool Water and 11. Pecos Bill.

But the most interesting thing I found is that track #9 from "City Slickers" is "Mitchy the Kid" and is likely the actual track being used, edited perhaps.

There is a version of this being shared that sounds like it was recorded live at the park (there are kids voices in the background) and it has hoof beats and cattle mooings that are not on the CD version. Where did this come from?

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The Hoof Beats and Cattle sfx were done for the Paris version of this Loop (where this loop originated) but I'm unsure if they were included in DL's version. Perhaps you have a live recording of the Paris Loop.


Well, as I posted earlier (though not as detailed), the "City Slickers" track used in DL and DLP is not Track #9, "Mitchy the Kid," but in fact #3, "Find Your Smile," slightly edited.

I'd guess any weirdness in picking sources for the DL loop might be because they apparantly took parts of the Paris loop and expanded from there. I suppose it's not too unusual that they just chose other source albums than in 1991.


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The Disneyland Paris stuff sure does complicate things. It certainly seems that most of the Frontierland recordings available on-line come from the Paris park.

I thought that the hoof beat version might be ripped from the movie itself. Checking this will give me an excuse to watch the movie again. But it would be even more interesting if WDI added the sfx.
Yup!.all those Western Movie and TV themes were origianlly aranged for DL Paris..........the Europeans view and knowlege of the OLD FAR WEST as portrayed on the big and small screens. Eventually many of the Paris arrangements found there way back to Disneyland and Walt Disney World. WDW was the first to start getting the new tracks that started replacing the 1970's selections that Jack Wagner created.

At Disneyland from 1972 up untill about the early 90's the same single track played.....often reffered to as "Frontierland Entrance Stocade"..just a fast temo banjo. This track came from the same coolection of media music by Capitol records that the PEOPLEMOVER music came from!! There were variations of the same banjo track......and other "western" tunes on one album..most of those were used on the 1973 and then the lengthened 1975 Frontierland tracks at WALT DISNEY WORLD. One of the tracks people probably recognized as they strolled the boardwalks of Frontierland in the 1970's was the old dog food "MIGHTY DOG" tune.........used directly from the Capitol media albums. Interestingly enough the use of the Capitol records media and production albums is no surprise........Jack helped produce over 60 records used for capitol records media........this was just before he left KNX-CBS radio in Hollywood. After that in 1970 he came to Disney.



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I do remember that now! That's why the new track caught my attention. But I didn't realize until you mentioned it that the previous track included the Mighty Dog music! That is so great . . . now I've got to find that too. Were these Capital media tapes released commercially or was this just something that could be leased for use?
The Capitol Records Media series were done from the 1950's and versions of them are done today. They were "rented" by radio and TV stations...I'm not sure what the legalities were for the actual I have heard PEOPLEMOVER music play on TV commercials, at Montogomery Wards Department stores, VONS Supermarkets.........about a year ago a current radio commercial for auto financing used one of the WDW PEOPLMOVER Tracks.......The Cartoons REN & STIMP will often have some of this same stuff..even several of the old WDW Frontierland tracks...........

I believe as newer album releases were done the renters had the options to also replace album numbers.........



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Somehow I missed your original post but I suspect you are correct about "City Slickers" since there is also the discrepancy on the additional three tracks that people have heard (wasn't it Groucho Marx who asked "who are you going to believe me or your own eyes (ears)?")

But the list must represent something from somewhere from sometime . . . so it's another mystery to contemplate.


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DC-88 Spaceliner,

The fact that these were rentals will make finding these a little difficult. I checked my library of PeopleMover loops and it's all Buddy Baker.

If you know of any sources for sale or trade please let me know. I'm putting together a loop comprising the current one and the Big Thunder Barbecue loop so it would be great to have the original background music as well.
I'm not sure what yer PeopleMover library consisted off. but the only thing Buddy may have done were the orchestrations for "Go, Go Good Year ."........and "The Monorail Song" (but i think that is George Bruns) I've metioned this hundreds of times about the PeopleMover music here.

Go, Go, Goodyear (Peoplemover depot music)
Jazz A (used)
Hawain rock (un-used)
Jazz B (un-used)
Dixieland (un-used)
March (used)
Cha-Cha (used)

The monorail song was the On-board music used on the Disneyland PeopleMover from 1967-1976 when the 8 Capitol Records Media music tracks were selected..........alternates were selected for WDW WEDWAY PeopleMover plus Florida also used the monorail song in there line-up. Disney did not do the PeopleMover was a needle drop.

Media Releases 8 and 11 were used for these tracks.......all of them have names like Apartment Party.......modern Living......Commute...others were titled "year in Harmony" JUNE, MARCH etc. THESE are the PeopleMover Tunes.......ALSO two track selections were used from these albums and listed as "Monorail Up" two fast tempo tracks.very early 70's........but i have never been able to tell if these were for Disneyland (since they got a new monorail station in 1969 to accomodate the new Mark 3's) or for WDW?? Contempory Resort ramp??? Most of the compossers were from Scandanavia.except Sid Dale.