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Does anyone know of a Disney CD that includes the tracks Way Out There, (My Heart's Still) Glowing in the Ashes, and Tennessee Stud? I'm not 100% sure these tracks would be included on a Disney CD, but since they are used in the Frontierland loop at the Halloween party, my guess is that the versions of these tracks are connected to something Disney related. Of course, I could be way off base here.


BGM has an equal chance of being disney related as it does being a random song some Disney Creative person likes


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True. But if you exclude the Tomorrowland loop, which uses music that wasn't released in conjunction with something Disney, all of the tracks used so far in the other loops are somehow connected to Disney. One would think these three songs are connected, but who the heck knows. But it's going to kill me if I can't find the correct versions. :p


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I don't know the versions in the loop but does this help?
Tennessee stud was in the recent film  Enchanted and, I think, in the 60's was in the TV Daniel Boone (by Disney, I think?).
Glowing in the Ashes was written by the Doo Wah Riders who sang in WDW.
I'm still looking for the other but, I think, it was a Roy Rogers song but I am unsure of the Disney connection but I think there must be one somewhere.
I have read this:
Bill Nye, the Science Guy-Outer Space: Way Out There
Item 100322, Disney
but don't know it that has anything to do with it (I had to google for that one so it may be meaningless)
Sorry if this isn't the information you wanted but not knowing the loop doesn't help :(