from businesswire...official info on disneyland park anniversary cds

The Biggest Musical Celebration in Disneyland History is about to Begin...

BURBANK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)---- Walt Disney Records Gives You 4 Magical Reasons to Celebrate the First 50 Years of the Happiest Place on Earth

On May 3, 2005, Walt Disney Records celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland with 4 new titles to honor the event: "50th Anniversary: A Musical History of Disneyland" Limited Edition Box Set, "Julie Andrews Selects Her Favorite Disney Songs," "The Official Album of the Disneyland Resort: The Happiest Homecoming on Earth" and "Walt Disney Records Presents: Wishes!"

"50th Anniversary: A Musical History of Disneyland" Limited Edition Box Set - The biggest and most comprehensive box set music collection in Walt Disney Records' history is in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland. This collection commemorating the Happiest Homecoming on Earth features 6 CDs filled with rare and unreleased tracks from the opening day of Disneyland in 1955 all the way to the present. Many of the songs on the box set have been rebuilt and restored, allowing the listener to fully experience an attraction. From entering Town Square to remembering Walt Disney's timeless opening day speech that started it all, this collection has music from all the greatest attractions and lands that exist today and some that are just a happy memory. The set also includes an exclusive, 72-page collectible book, "The Sounds of Disneyland," focusing on the musical legacy of Disneyland, plus a bonus limited edition album, "Walt Disney Takes You To Disneyland - A Music Tour of the Magic Kingdom," a gold vinyl reproduction of Walt Disney Records' first-ever album release (1956). This limited edition box set will be available exclusively at Disneyland beginning May 3, 2005. A national version of the set (without the gold vinyl album) will be released in September.

"Julie Andrews Selects Her Favorite Disney Songs" - Oscar®-winning screen and stage legend Julie Andrews has had a longtime relationship with The Walt Disney Company, spanning back to her warm friendship with Walt Disney himself. Known around the world as Mary Poppins and, most recently, Queen Clarice Renaldi in "The Princess Diaries" films, Julie Andrews is being honored as the Official Ambassador of the Disneyland 50th Anniversary Celebration. As she reflects on her most treasured Disneyland Park memories, Walt Disney Records asked Ms. Andrews also to select her personal list of favorite Disney songs. Now, for the first time ever, Julie Andrews shares these selections in hopes that all will rediscover the cherished Disney song classics that have been the most meaningful to her. The CD also includes liner notes written by Ms. Andrews.

"The Official Album of the Disneyland Resort: The Happiest Homecoming on Earth" - Walt Disney Records celebrates the musical legacy that has captured Disney Theme Park guests' hearts for 50 years. "The Official Album" is a Park-exclusive 2-CD collection of Disneyland's greatest hits that will allow fans to relive their cherished memories of Disney Theme Parks and share it with their families anytime, anywhere. Plus, the album features "Remember When," the newly recorded anthem for Disney's "Happiest Celebration on Earth" performed by music superstar LeAnn Rimes and written and produced by Grammy® winner Richard Marx. The one-disc national version will be released simultaneously and will be known as "Disney's Happiest Celebration on Earth."

"Walt Disney Records Presents: Wishes!" - Walt Disney Records and DisneyHand are celebrating the Make-A-Wish Foundation's 50,000th Disney Theme Park wish during Disneyland's 50th Anniversary with a compilation record themed around music of hope, friendship and dreams coming true. "Wishes!" showcases superstar artists, from Barbara Streisand to Elton John, Tony Bennett and many more, singing specially selected classic Disney songs about the power of making wishes come true. The CD also features a newly recorded track, "Wishes," performed by Peabo Bryson and Kimberley Locke. For each "Wishes!" CD purchased, DisneyHand, worldwide outreach for The Walt Disney Company, will donate $5.00 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help provide wishes to children facing life-threatening medical conditions.

Walt Disney Records' "50th Anniversary: A Musical History of Disneyland" Limited Edition Box Set, "Julie Andrews Selects Her Favorite Disney Songs," "The Official Album of the Disneyland Resort: The Happiest Homecoming on Earth" and "Walt Disney Presents: Wishes!" will be available May 3, 2005.

Walt Disney Records, Media Relations Maria Kleinman, 818-973-4375

03/30/2005 06:00 ET
I was just coming on to post this release. Thanks, dizneydomenic, for beating me to it. Won't be long now till we get to see it for real!


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I am going to be SOOO broke this year!!! Between all of the CD's coming out on May 3rd, and the tons of 50th merchandise coming our way, I don't know HOW I'm going to manage it!
Howdy, folks! I decided that I'm getting two copies of the Boxed Set. This is going to be the be-all-end-all. Don't look for anything this cool to happen again soon. That's why if there is some catastrophe, or I accidentally use Disc 3 to sand a piece of wood, I'll have a "parts donor."

I don't go overboard most of the time. But this set is different. I've been dreaming about this set since 1984, when I typed up a proposal and sent it to them. (I received no form letter from the Legal Department, either. Recent posters/columnists had talked about receiving such a letter after sending Disney some ideas. And I am in no way claiming the product was my idea. ) My point is...

I think this is going to be the Grail as far as Walt Disney Records' official park fare, so I'm buying a backup!


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I thought about that too, Jeff. However, I think I might wait to buy my backup until September when the nationwide release comes out. I don't need a second gold LP, and the wait of a few months will give me time to save up for a second set. Besides, what am I going to do to ruin the first set between May and September?

My reason for wanting a backup, is exactly the same reason you gave (well, except for having the idea in 1984). I don't think we'll see something like this again.


Can pass me a rag to wipe the drool off my keyboard? ;D I absolutely can't wait for these releases! I will definitely be buying ALL of them ASAP. May 3 is a Tuesday, right? *scratches "go to biology lab" off her to-do list for that day* ;)
My fear is that they'll get the box out in the park and demand will be so high for them initially, that they'll be out of stock when I get down there on May 12th.
curious....think "delivears" will have them available on release day??

Dude ..... I really hope so. However, I'm still debating as to whether I should purchase the 6 cd box set + gold LP or the regular 6 cd box set.

If I do not purchase the 6 cd + gold LP, I just know I'll kick myself in the rear when they are all gone. I'm getting one of them for sure .... I do know that.

Also, will pick up the 2 disc set and the national release of the single cd which contains the 50th theme song. It's a great year for DISNEY music fans.



Any information on whether we can pick up this 6-disc limited set via mail or internet as of yet?
This back-up thing is probably neurotic, but I'm backing up this set--and I think I'll be "going for the gold" X 2, especially if the price is comparable to the non-gold set. I'm still mad I didn't back-up Randy's 75 Years 3-CD set, especially when I saw them collecting dust in the bargain bin at our Disney Store.

Ben referred to all the other 50th anniversary stuff coming out--I may have to consult a financial planner. I'm very interested to see if any Disneyland anniversary merchandise has drifted over to WDW yet when we arrive later this week......I'm bracing myself......