Fourth of July 2005!

What music does Disney normally use for the Independence Day fireworks at the parks? Is it the patriotic finale from Disneyland's old Fantasy in the Sky or Golden Dream from the American Adventure? Any information on this would be very much appreciated.



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It is a 9 minute track with a miss mash of patriotic music. No Gold Dreams. The finally is the Star Spangled Banner.


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If you're talking about Disneyland, which I assume you are, they've used different soundtracks from year to year. A couple years ago, they did use the Golden Dreams from American Adventure as the soundtrack (which has a video of in their archives). When 9/11 happened, I believe they used a rendition of America the Beautiful for the fireworks the year after, though I'm not sure. 2 years ago, they had a soundtrack that was a tribute to the armed forces of America (there's a video on one of the fansites, but i can't remember which one). And finally, last year, the soundtrack was a combination of the American Dreams and Armed Forces Tribute for one big show (video on Hopefully that answers your question! ;D

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