Fountain of Nations (WDW - Epcot)

Philippe Banel

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Can someone list the tracks heard at The Fountain of Nations (WDW).

I just remember about the TDS Theme and The Rescuers Down Under title.

The other thing is: is the medley always played in the same order or not?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Phil ???

Jessica L

The tracks are:

Rescuers Down Under (end credits theme)
The Rocketeer theme
Iron Will Theme
Surprise in the Skies (finale)
"Mickey's Finale" from the Around the World with Mickey Mouse (never performed show)
Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand
Day One (by John Tesh)
Standing in Motion (my fav - by Yanni)

I believe they play in a random order, as far as I've been able to tell. They play every 15 minutes. CTFHIH was added in 2000 for the Millennium Celebration.

Hope this helps!

Philippe Banel

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Many thanks Jessica. It helps me a lot.

Last thing: can you tell me which track uses the same theme music compared to the Tokyo Disney Sea song.
Can it be from the never performed show?
I thought that TDS used new music material only but it appears that it doesn't.

Thanks again for your kindness.


Dr. Know


Its the "Mickey's Show"/Around the World with Mickey Mouse finale that includes a section that is virtually identical to the Tokyo Disney Sea song ("Tokyo... DisneySea... a world of wonder for you and me..."). Its a really nice selection, by the way. I would love to know who composed it.


Philippe Banel

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Thanks Dr. Know,

The Tokyo DisneySea Theme Song is based on an original song by Steve Skorija. Music by Brad Kelley. Lyrics by Steve Hedrick.

All the best.