Fort Comstock (Legends of the Wild West)


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Fort Comstock is a walk through attraction containing rooms with tableaux of a Wild West nature. Some have their own music loops.

The wall walk has a short loop. Although the speakers are often silent (at least when I'm there), the loop does usually continue playing from a speaker at the steps (left hand side of the fort when entering Frontierland from the hub).

The loop consists of just four tracks - all of which are taken directly from the WDW Frontierland BGM (not the area loop which is of movie themes- see separate listing).

I have partial live recordings of these but am unable to note the track lengths until I can obtain a full recording.

Fort Comstock Loop (walls)

- Ghost Riders in the Sky

- Back in the Saddle Again

- Pecos Bill

- Yellow Rose of Texas.

They are also fairly easy to make an induction recording of with several speakers within easy reach and it being such a short loop. Unfortunately they were not playing when I visited in both 2009 and 2010 although the speaker by the steps was. Possibly the wall walk speakers have been discontinued.

Legends of the Wild West

Davy Crockett Tableau.
Plays an instrumental version of Davy Crockett.
I need to check my live recording for the track length.

The Forty Niner
This tableau depicts a miner's office and, unusually for a music loop, it's vocal.
The song played is "Banks of the Sacramento" from the film How the West was Won" (track 21 on the CD).

Buffalo Bill Tableau

Loop length 3:40 (confirmed to live recording by eyore August 2010)
This scene plays yet another track from the WDW Frontierland loop (I've got spurs) but with the added sound effects of a blacksmith striking an anvil, cattle stampeding and a horse and cart amongst others sounds.


On the top area of the "exit" tower there is a loop of "Last Round Up" from the WDW Frontierland loop playing.

This track is often listed as "take me back to my boots and saddle" to which it is slightly similar but that tune does not follow the correct note sequence. Last Round Up does.

There may be a few other loops in the fort which are still awaiting collection/recording. :)

Watch this space.