FOR RANDY THORNTON!!!- ? about upcomming cds- "a christmas fantasy parade"


Hey there,

Randy, I was wondering, are there going to be any plans to release Disneyland's "A Christmas Fantasy" Parade music on the upcomming cd releases for the 50th? or perhaps on the wonderland kiosks?

I, and many others, have hoped that someday this music, in its full form, would be released.
If its not planned, think about it for the near future!!!!

Thanks for all you hard work- the music is why I love Disney so much.

These are the types of events that I would like to make available on Wonderland. It may be a while, but let me see what I can do for next Christmas season. With all that's going on right now, I couldn't do it in time for this season, but next season looks very promising!

Randy Thornton


I would LOVE to see "A Christmas Fantasy" released! That's one of my favorites. Glad to hear there's hope for a release!!



WONDERFUL! The great news is just not stopping right now... keep it coming ;)

Oh ... and don't forget to ring EuroDisney S.C.A. once again ... they really need help to come up with a decent Official Album!