Footlight turns out the light

Footlight Records in New York is going out of business this month. Apparently the high rent of the physical store combined with low-cost discount competition forced this end.

Just letting everyone know because they're still selling out their stock at In addition to show albums, there's Disneyland Tokyo stuff and foreign language Disney CD's, many on sale.
Bill, really??
I have never had anything but wonderful service from them. Their prices were GREAT. After going to Japan and then coming home, Footlights was honestly the most comparable when it came to price. Their shipping was always lightning fast (from NYC to Florida!). The few times I called to ask questions, the gentleman was always very nice and helpful.
I'm from CT, and used to go into the city all the time. I was heart-broken when I could no longer walk into the store and peruse the discs, but felt secure knowing I could still order them.
Sorry you had a negative experience with them.

Footlights, you will be sincerely missed!

Dr. Know

I was also a regular patron of Footlights for many years. The place was a dump, the staff were cranky, but they carried a terrific selection of out-of-print soundtracks.


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Count me as another who used to go to the store whenever I got the chance, and they were pretty surly to me. The only friendly people that worked there never lasted too long. They would hire fresh, young faces, but I think the two old men must have driven them crazy and they either quit or were fired!

I do agree that the selection was very good and you could browse for hours. Also, compared to Colony Music over in Times Square, they seemed like the bargain bin! Also, Colony had WAY more attitude. At one point I went over there and asked if they had anything from Tokyo Disneyland and the guy behind the counter suggested I buy a plane ticket...

So, I'm not too surprised that Footlight closed, because once they became online only, it was hard to compete with Amazon, Ebay, and any number of other online outlets for rare music.


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"You wrote "Colony had WAY more attitude", Ben. Are they gone? Hope not...where else could I pay $350 for a Wacky Pack?"

Ok, Colony HAS more attitude...I guess they are gone to me since I don't shop there, LOL! I have passed by the store on occasion and they still seem to be open. You know, all those musical theater majors and their big bucks must keep it in business, right?
Footlight actually closed their store some months back and was trying to continue on as an on-line retailer only. This service is what's finally giving up as well.

Footlight was one of three fun places to go to in a several block radius for me on many trips into NY from my NJ home. You had (and still do) the Forbes Gallery Museum on 12th and 5th which has all kinds of historical displays from the massive collecting done by Malcolm Forbes, Sr. over the years, and then a couple blocks over the Strand Used Bookseller, one of the biggest used bookstored in New York, and just further down the street was Footlight. A hole in the wall outlet that was for a soundtrack buff, a godsend to find the obscure imported titles (and dare I say it, some non-legit bootleg pressings. I still treasure the expanded "Ten Commandments" release I picked up there which we will never see the likes of in this country on a legit pressing) as well as old OOP records.

RIP, Footlight. It was nice knowing you.


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With Footlight disappearing, who would you go to as your next source for TDL, etc. stuff?

I would use They have an enlgish option for ordering, and they ship internationally. The prices are reasonable, but the shipping will be a bit costly. Still, since CD Japan won't sell internationally, it's a good alternate source.


I always thought the surliness was part of the Show there (much like some people on this board). I only ever stopped in when on vacation in NY, obviously, but it was a fun place to browse through.

Don't know if I ever bought much from them online, though--there were far too many other places that were cheaper/easier/quicker/whatever. Oh well.