Follow Me, Boys on DVD



Follow Me Boys came out today and once again, it's an almost no frills DVD. They did go to the trouble of finding 4 of the more obscure kids from the movie to interview for a short supplement. The movie itself is full frame with a weird yellow bar during the credits. I thought it was my copy, but it shows up in the "scene selection" section on the menu, so it must be (?!!!) intentional. If it's intended to adjust the ratio so that the credits are completely viewable, it accomplishes that, but in a weird, distracting way. Black might have been a better choice. The soundtrack is in "digital mono" WOO HOO.

Now the good news....the film is the restored version. When Follow Me Boys was rereleased (and subsequently released on video), they cut about a half hour out of it. This is the restored cut and comes in at 133 minutes! This has been one of my favorite Disney movies of all time and now I'm seeing stuff that I've never seen before! So despite the mediocre presentation, I'm thrilled that we're getting the WHOLE movie instead of the easy edit. Kudos to somebody for that.