'Finding Nemo' CD Question

Hey, folks!

For those of you who have the CD, do you hear any noise at the beginning of Track 4? I have a bunch of scratches and am unsure if it's supposed to be there.

Also, I'm upset that Jacques' little musical French score and Squirt's speil music are missing!

Oh well. Otherwise, it's an excellent disc! :D

Dr. Know

Hi Grizz

I love the cd too... on one of the film music boards (I can't remember which one), someone else asked about track 4. Apparently, it is intentional, and is some kind of sound effect from the film (which I'm hoping to see this weekend).

Cheers! :)
Good point, Grizzly, about Jacques's musette-style theme! Several weeks ago, I posted that a San Francisco-based group called the Baguette Quartette was used for the Paris door sequence in Monsters, Inc.--my wife and I wondered whether it was their music again that was being used for Jacques's theme! It is unfortunate that it wasn't included on the CD--you may just have to pick up one of the group's three CD's(available through Amazon) if you liked Jacques's music!

I think I'll e-mail the Baguette Quartette(I put a link to their website in the post) and see if indeed they're becoming part of the Pixar "staff"!

Grizzly, getting back to your question regarding track 4 on the CD, "First Day"--now, I've "only" seen the movie 3 times, so I'm by no means an official expert, but.....a number of the tracks on the CD are "spiced" up at the beginning with various sound effects, or even brief vocals from the movie(there's a neat little piece of Dory's swimming song). I'll verify this tomorrow when I expect to see it again, as the day looks to be a rain-out in Maine--I think the sound effect at the beginning of track 4 is the sound of a crab or lobster, I can't remember which, cutting the sea grass(?) in his yard as Nemo and Marlin pass by on their way to school--that's my guess......I'll be listening hard tomorrow, dudes.


P. S. It is a great score, even though I've been a fan of Thomas's cousin Randy for years(".....we eat too much, and we laugh too loud, we're too dumb to make in no Northern town, we're keepin' the ******* down......").
WHOOPS......sorry dudes......just got back from the fourth viewing of Nemo.....the sound effect at the beginning of the fourth track is NOT the crab/lobster I was talking about--it's the sound of Nemo's "lucky fin"! Sweet?.......totally!!!


Dr. Know

I finally saw the movie over the weekend, and was bowled over by it (and I wasn't expecting to be, for some reason). I have an even greater appreciation of the score now that I have experienced it in the conext of the film. All in all, a fine effort by Thomas Newman. I just wish the main Nemo theme was developed a bit further -- it is so beautiful.