Finding Disney Music in thrift stores

For years I have gone to thrift stores to search for Disney vinyl to support my collecting habit, uh,... obsession (somebody help me please ;)). I have been finding less and less of the vinyl and now seeing more Disney CDs pop up. I am pleasantly surprised by what I have found so far, most at $3 a pop and in great condition.

Here are some of the soundtracks I have recently found in thrift stores so far:

Jungle Book
Return to Neverland
Little Mermaid
Snow White
Toy Story
Lion King

Have not found any park CDs there and doubt I will find any soon, but you never know :)

Anyone else having success? What are you finding?


I thrift shop for many things including Disney music. I think the only thing I've come across in hard core garage saling/thrift shopping in 11 years was Fantastmic! I found House of Mouse Cd recently (anyone want to trade for it? ;D )

I don't look at records regularly so I can't give you any feedback on those. I live in Oregon so maybe if I live closer to the parks maybe I would have more luck.

I find soundtracks on CDs quite often. (Anyone looking for anything?)


I did get a 1965 book called A Day at Disneyland just last weekend in a small antique. Paid just $4 for it. It was in OK shape. I went in looking for records, but no luck there. I was still happy with my find though.


Found Fantasmic Disneyland 1992 CD for $7 once, that's about it, though I haven't looked too much.


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For those in Japan, BOOK-OFF used book/CD shops are treasure troves of Disney music. Most discs range from US$5-$10. Just the other day I saw another copy of the original "Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade" CD.

Joe is right. Unfortunately for me, I have to go to the Book-Off in NYC and they have very little in the way of Disney stuff. However, I will say that I have found some jems in there, so it pays off to visit often. I'm sure the Japanese branches of the chain have a MUCH larger Disney section. I think the US branches just get too much domestic stuff.

I'm still looking for my "holy grails" of TDL releases; the Cast only CD's...and I feel like I'll never, ever find them.


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Thrift store hunting

I have the thrift shop addiction as well. I usually spend my time looking though the vinyl Lps. Ten years ago, you would find piles of Disney vinyl in every thrift shop. Five years ago, there was still some. Today, I am lucky if I find an album or two in any thrift shops... but still, I look!

I went out this past weekend and visited 4 thirft shops and found about 10 Disney albums. I had all but 1, which I bought. It was a Disneyland Records album of classical music. Something I probably would not have bought 10 years ago, as it dsoen't have a direct link to any Disney film or attraction, but now that I don't find that much, I will pick up any Disneyland Records LP that I don't already have.

I do occasionaly find Disneyland postcards, books etc as well on my thrift store travels.

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I think most of the people who had the Disney vinyl for thier kids have gotten rid of them or are selling them on Ebay :-. Even harder to find them now in the records shops.
Unfortunately for my home town we only have the Starvation Army Thrift Store now. We used to have a Buy, Sell, Trade store that had a basement full of LPs. Unfortunately, by the time I got around to going by to look at what he had there was a sign in the front window they had gone out of business. I've been trying to get a hold of the owner ever since to find out what he did with all those Lps.