Find Stitch 2007

Does anyone know if there is anything different about the Find Stitch 2007 CD from Tokyo Disneyland, compared with the original CD? Thanks!


Can anyone that has the new one analyze the main track to spot the differences? I'm curious about that myself. The extra show mode track was nice so you didn't have to listen to the whole first track through to get to it... but i only like the opening song anyways ;)

Is the bonus track, based on the resortathome description, just a pop celebrity version of it?


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The new 2007 version has more Japanese in it than the previous version. The bonus track is one they used for the TV ads for the event. It's sung by a famous sumo wrestler named Konishiki. It's not bad, but it's not really used at the park.

I would say that the differences between this years and last years parade tracks is not that noticeable (other than the language).