Finally bought Spirited Away Soundtrack


If any of you haven't listened to this soundtrack you have got to pick it up. As you all know, this Hayao Miyazaji film was distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

Joe Hisaishi's orchestral score is incredible especially in "Reprise" and the combination of instruments in "The Return" is really great as well.

Trust me, you won't be disappointed with this purchase. :)


Absolutely! Even if you have not seen the movie, or do not plan to, the soundtrack score is really magnificent. There are portions I've played over and over again.
Congratulations on entering the Miyazaki/Hisaishi world! We started with Princess Mononoke, then Spirited Away, and now Howl's Moving Castle(which I purchased as a Japanese import through amazon--not sure if it's had an American release yet)--all recommended!