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Hello, I'm new to this forum but have been a part of many other film music websites around the net for years. I was directed here because I "Asked Dave" over at the Disney Insider why there has never been a soundtrack release to "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea", and maybe Randy Thronton is the man more properly to pose the question to.

I suppose, like many others at this and other websites, I became interested in film music partly because of the Disny films I saw in the movies or on television growing up. What has always been missing would be original soundtracks to the feature films without the narration or the cute storybook format. The greates releases, in my opinion, have always been the WDL series on vinyl and then the classic animated film scores to Snow White, Pinocchio, Bambi, etc. After the two-disc Mary Poppins came out with the underscore, I thought perhaps the pendelum was swinging the other way and we might finally get some live action scores. But that was not the case. Then there was the downloading kiosk thing that just disappeared. So what's the problem? I'd really like to know what the policy is: Why won't Disney release at least some of their vast musical library to 20,000 Leagues, In Search of the Castaways, Island at the Top of the World, for example?

Over at the Film Score Monthly message board I got a few cynical responses about corporate Disney, Paramount Pictures, Universal, etc. But to my mind Disney stands above the others as a studio because they actually reach out to their fans, and they have, in the past, fulfilled our wishes. So maybe this question has been asked a hundred times before, and maybe the executives feel there isn't much of a market for this kind of thing, but I'd say by the responses to my thread at FSM, it would be the single greatest film music event of this or any other year.

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Welcome aboard Eugene!

Don't have an answer to you're question but your post made me realize, that Disney has a distinct advantage over other studios- they have fans to reach out to. Does anyone out there label themselves "A Universal Fan" or "A Paramount Fan". There are fans of individual properties, but only Disney has fans who are rabid about practically the whole corporation and it's history.


Hello. Welcome to the forum.I did a quick search of the archives.Found this thread:

Look at Randy's second response on this page.Here's an excerpt:

As you may know, score was rarely included on any musical's soundtrack, therefore they did not pay the minimal fee to also have this Film-Sync Session covered under a Phono Agreement. If you don't record under a Phono Agreement and later decide to release the score on record, you have to pay the entire orchestra as if you're recording it anew ? paying again for work that was already paid for. This is the situation I'm in regarding "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea".

Looks like it all depends on how much money they are willing to spend to finance this release. :(


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Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome and the vital information regarding Disney's live-action scores.

It saddens me that these wonderful scores may never get into the hands of the thousands who would cherish them. So much of our musical heritage is locked away. Yet, hope springs eternal, and if Disney ever plans a classic soundtrack series, I'd bet it would be a financial boom for them and a historic landmark for all of us. When I think of all the scores released by Rhino, Intrada and Film Score Monthly from Warner Bros., MGM and even some from Universal (Amazing Stories), I can't believe that Disney won't take the plunge. Fans all over the world would rejoice.


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It would seem that all I had to do was plead a little. Thanks again. I know quite a few members over at FSM (and elsewhere) are going to be pleasantly surprised


But kudos for the timing anyways ;)


Hi I'm new here and I was wondering why there hasn't been a release for Parade of Dreams all this time... ;)