File Sharing


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Hey folks! I'm new to the board. I'm a big fan of Disney's music and compilations. Where do you all track down these files and playlists? Any suggestions for a beginner?

Help catch me up and get me in the loop.

Welcome. There are a few easy ways to get a good bunch of files to get started. Use either mIRC or newsgroups. alt.binaries.multimedia.disney for the NG's, and i believe its #disney-central on NewNet for IRC. Do a search for more help on those topics, they have been covered in length in this group.
Playlists come about a few different ways. Some parts of the parks have them on file for the employees to refer to, so the employees copy em down and then share them. Others have the lists available if you ask at Guest Services or Hotel Check In. (Not all have these, a few that do or at least did at Wildeness Lodge and then some stuff at Epcot) Others lists are compiled by members of this group. They will usually make a recording of the BGM and then sit down and figure out the songs, and post on here for help with the songs they don't know. For instance, there is a thread about the Front Lot BGM at Disney Studios.
Hope that helps,