Ferdinand the Bull, Songs Vs Cartoon


Can anyone out there answer another question that has been racking my brain for years? The 1938 cartoon Ferdinand the Bull does not feature the popular song of Ferdinand the Bull. Was this a Disney song, was it recoded and released on an album by Disney, as inspired by the cartoon, or perhaps was it written for the cartoon and then not used, and released individually on a record? Was it produced outside of Disney? Which recording artist was the original and when was the song released for the first time? I know this song is featured on many Disney compilation albums, and is presented as a true "Disney" song, which is odd because almost every "Disney" song of that era originated from a filmed production. That makes this song quite unique, and I would like to know more about it. If anyone out there has any infomation, or an educated guess, please share...


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Doesn't answer all the questions but it's a start and does give a lot of info.

As it was written by the same person who wrote the music for the film, maybe it was just decided not to use it?
Interesting question.
The publisher was ABC and only says "from the Walt Disney Production" on the sheet music
which may suggest that Disney didn't actually commission it (wouldn't it have been copyright to Disney if it was?).