*Feel the Magic*

The version I am looking for is actually from (I THINK) the WDW 25th anniversary.? I have heard it is very much like "Remember the Magic" and I just LOVE that song.? Do you know if a recording exists of the WDW version or if anyone has seen a cast recording floating around? (same version from Japan?)? Thanks so much!

Hi Rick!

You have just asked a question I have been asking here at this site for years. I used to frequent this site years ago (much less lately but still an avid Disney music fan). The show you refer to, which was held during the 25th anniversary celebration, was called "Ears to You" and it celebrated all the families who visited WDW during its 25 year run. My wife and daughter actually got selected to represent one of the years on the forecourt of Cinderella's Castle during the show during one of the days of our 1996 visit.

It is a great song. I have only heard the Japanese version from the four-disc "15 Years of Magic" release from TDL. Somewhere I must have an mp3 of the version I taped during our 1996 trip. If you e-mailed me, I could try to find it and send it along. Other than that I think we are out of luck. "Feel the Magic" IS a great song. As you noted, it is similar in style to "Remember The Magic" another all-time favorite park selection.

One note of warning: Many people will try to tell you the song was used during a show at the former EuroDisney in Paris. It was a wholly different song.