Favorite WDW MK Nightime Parade

[Adult Voices]
On this magic night,
A million stars will play beside us,
Cast a spell of light,
Glimmering, shimmering, carousel-ling
'Round the world tonight,
A symphony in SpectroMagic.
Pure enchantment lights our way!

[Jiminy Cricket]
"Welcome to the splendor, the spectacle, the sparkling sensation, where the comedy and thrill of Disney fantasies come to electric life.

And now, the Magic Kingdom proudly presents, in a million points of musical light, the magic worlds of Disney...in SpectroMagic!"

[Children's' Voices]
Music surrounds us
Laughter that found us
Twirling around this
Carousel of light and laughter!

We shall remember
This moment together
Let this night forever
Live in our dreams!



I have to say TDL Disney's Fantillusion! was the pinnacle of electrical parades IMO. Not even the technical wizardry of Dreamlights could top the pageantry and storytelling ability Fantillusion! was able to tell... I understand Paris has raped that poor parade by eliminating many aspects of the original presentation from Tokyo, so much so that I can't probably bring myself to watch it. Very sad!


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

I know that I shouldn't touch the tpoic of Fantillusion at DLRP, if only because I haven't come around to update the page about Fantillusion on DLP.info even so the parade premiered in late June ... but anyway ... back to the topic: even so I only saw videos from Fantillusion at TDL which certainly makes it hard to compare to Fantillusion at DLRP, where I saw it several times, I don't think the parade (that is what they call Fantillusion unfortunately in DLRP) has been butchered that bad.

Yes, they have cut out most of the minor extra floats (most of the small stuff) and yes there are fewer dancers, and yes, even some of the major floats are missing (Chernabog & the Queen from Snow White). But the streetacular is still wonderful, the show great and the story transported perfectly.

Certainly the budget was higher in TDL and there was more to see, but in the end it is a bit as if they cut back on all the extra ornaments and have opened a better view on the story ...

I loved it and can only recommend a trip to DLRP to see it (where it is on again from early November till 21st of March).