Favorite Park for Music?

Gredo G.

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I am interested in knowing what everyones choice would be for favorite park for music (Disneyland, DCA, Epcot, TDL, etc..)

My choice is Epcot. I love the Spacey sounds from Future World and the different sounds from the World Showcase. Not to mention, the current Illuminations show is great!


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Do you mean just music in general, or which park has the best CD's?

In general, I would have to agree with you that Epcot is my favorite park (except that they've taken out all of the old rides with theme songs). I love World Showcase! I haven't been to Tokyo DisneySea yet, but I'll bet that's got some great music too.

As for CD's, hands down it's TDL!
In terms of music, I'd say Epcot and DHS. They sound so majestic while still sounding contemporary. You get a mix of both at each park.
Here is a breakdown of pretty much all the music you hear in each park and its moods.

Spaceship Earth - majestic/orchestral (current)
majestic/orchestral/synthetic (1994)
majestic/orchestral/synthetic (1986)

Future World Area Music - synthetic/contemporary/slightly orchestral/majestic

Universe of Energy - majestic/orchestral/light-hearted (current)
majestic/orchestral/synthetic (original)

Test Track - contemporary/synthetic/techno style
World of Motion - light-hearted/orchestral/majestic

Mission: Space - majestic/orchestral
Horizons - majestic/orchestral/light-hearted/synthetic

Wonders of Life (now defunct) -
Area Music - contemporary/ethereal/synthetic/slightly orchestral
Cranium Command - orchestral/light-hearted
The Making of Me - orchestral/light-hearted

HISTA! - orchestral/light-hearted
Captain EO - orchestral/majestic/heroic
Magic Journeys - orchestral/smooth/synthetic

Journey Into Imagination (current) - orchestral/light-hearted (main attraction music)
contemporary/weird/synthetic (outside area music)
(1999) - contemporary/weird/synthetic (all music)
(original) - contemporary/light-hearted/orchestral/synthetic (all music)

The Living Seas - contemporary/synthetic
The Seas with Nemo and Friends - contemporary/orchestral (Nemo overlays)

Living With the Land - synthetic/contemporary

Soarin' - orchestral/majestic
Food Rocks - rockin'
Kitchen Kabaret - light-hearted, humorous

World Showcase - depends on the region where it comes from, uses mostly acoustic instruments

IllumiNations - heroic/majestic/orchestral


Area music - depends on movie or TV show being used, mostly orchestral, majestic, and grand, some synthetic, funky, and contemporary

The Great Movie Ride - mostly orchestral/majestic/grand/light-hearted

Star Tours - mostly orchestral/majestic/heroic

American Idol Experience - contemporary/synthetic/rockin'
Doug Live - contemporary/light-hearted/orchestral/rockin'
Superstar Television - contemporary/smooth/jazzy (I think - does anyone remember this?)

Sounds Dangerous - (outside area music) contemporary/funky

Sci-Fi Dine-In - uses stock music from old trailers, all orchestral

ABC Commissary Lane - uses theme music from TV shows from 1950s-present, depends on music being played if it's synthetic or orchestral or chamber-sized

Muppet*Vision 3D - (main show orchestration) dance-band size orchestra, light-hearted
(pre-show orchestration) synth mockup of orchestra

Toy Story Mania - heroic/orchestral

Voyage of the Little Mermaid - orchestral/uses orchestrations mostly from film

One Man's Dream - orchestral/grand

Lights Motors Action - contemporary/synthetic/electronic/breakbeat style/rockin'/modern

Rock 'N Roller Coaster - contemporary/rockin'/uses Aerosmith songs

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror -
(pre-show score) dissonant/orchestral/weird
(queue score) old 1930s jazz recordings with added eerie reverb effect
(main show score) dissonant/partly orchestral/mostly synthetic/weird/scary

Beauty and the Beast - orchestral, orchestrations modeled after those from film

Fantasmic! -
(main show score) orchestral, grand, heroic, exciting
(pre-show score) contemporary covers of Disney tunes ranging from techno to big-band to country and beyond, and a couple of added surprises
(all from albums previously available on Walt Disney Records)