Favorite Non-Disney music played in the parks?

Dr. Know

I was thinking, there is some awfully good 'non-Disney' music played in the various Disney parks, very often in needle-drop area music loops.

Here are some of my favorites:

David Arkenstone, Papillon, from the Innoventions loop
Esquivel, Music Makers, from the Space Mountain exit
Ma Na Ma Nah, the arrangement in the Muppetvision 3D queue
Star Wars, special arrangement used in the Star Tours exit
True Colors, from the former HISTA preshow
Wild Kids, from the Wonders of Life loop
Standing in Motion and Day One, from the Fountain of Nations
Patrick Williams's Appalachian Morning, from the Illuminations pre-show loop

What are some of yours? :)

Jessica L

Behind the Waterfall
Standing in Motion
Sentimental Journey
Rainbow Connection

Basically anything that played/plays in the older Tomorrowland loop, the Wonders of Life pavillon, the Fountain of Nations, and the Muppet Vision 3D courtyard. :)


Alex K

Just spent driving a total of 10 hours this weekend, with a collection of various loop tracks in the car MP3 player. I love them all, especially the Main Street loops. Somehow the Barnes and Barnes "Dinosaur Album" tracks that play at the McDonald's in AK Dinoland appealed to me today, and Raffi's short "If I had a Dinousaur".

By the way, does that loop still play there?
Take Me Out to the Ballgame and any of the Joplin rags played by the piano players at Caseys at WDW.

And, any of the Sousa marches and other patriotic tunes -- including the National Anthem -- at the Flag Retreats on Main Street, USA.


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I'm a sucker for the version of Natalie Cole's "(Get Your Kicks on) Route '66" in the Sunshine Plaza loop at DCA. ;D

I'm slowly getting hooked on Bing Crosby's "San Fernando Valley" from the same loop, too. :)

For us (wife and I), it's definitely the British Invasion. We plan our enitre day at EPCOT around those guys.


Here's my list:

Put On Your Sunday Clothes-Main Street U.S.A.
Elegance-Main Street U.S.A.
Happy Trails-WDW Frontierland
thritysomething-Hollywood Pictures Backlot
Liberty Fanfare-Condor Flats
Theme from "Rudy"-Bay Area
The Time of Your Life-A Bug's Land
Rainbow Connection-MuppetVision
Mission Impossible-Hollywood Pictures Backlot
Muppet Show Theme-Disneyland Resort Esplanade
Star Wars-Disneyland Resort Esplanade
Monday, Monday-Paradise Pier
Little Old Lady From Pasadena-Sunshine Plaza and Paradise Pier
San Francisco-Sunshine Plaza and Paradise Pier
I Love LA-Sunshine Plaza and Paradise Pier
Hooray For Hollywood-Great Movie Ride
Sorcery in the Sky-Disney-MGM Studios
Twlight Zone Tower of Terror-Sunset Boulevard

Disney sure does a good job selecting outside music for the parks!


I REALLY like the loop that plays on Condor Flats at Disney's Cut Rate (Sorry...I mean) California Adventure. I always feel like marching right into that great attraction. "The Right Stuff" theme is particulary fits the look of the area. This section is one part of DCA that works dispite the cut backs made.

Below are some of the cuts used from non-Disney movies.

1. The Last Starfighter - Main Title (Craif Safan) 1:33

2. I Love a Parade - Midway March (Boston Pops) 4:09

3. Air Force One - The Parachutes (Jerry Goldsmith) 1:48

4. Air Force One - Welcome Aboard Sir (Jerry Goldsmith) 1:25

5. I Love a Parade - Pops on the March (Boston Pops) 4:51

6. American Jubilee - Liberty Fanfare (Cincinnati Pops) 4:17

7. The Guns of Navarone - 633 Squadron (London Festival Orchestra) 3:16

8. The Last Starfighter - Big Victory March: Alex Returns (Craig Safan) 1:54

9. Masters Film Music - The Blue Max Suite (Jerry Goldsmith) 2:16

10. Star Tracks II - Space Camp (Cincinnati Pops) 3:58

11. The Planets - Jupiter (Berlin Philharmonic) 7:27

12. The Right Stuff/North and South - Yeager's Triumph (London Symphonie) 5:09

13. The Guns of Navarone - The Guns of Navarone (London Festival Orchestra) 3:12


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Esquivel, Music Makers, from the Space Mountain exit

I know this topic is pretty old, but I'm wondering if anyone knows what other music is played in the Space Mountain exit area. I'm trying to get a complete list of tracks from Space Mountain. I know there are the tracks from the WDW Forever CDs and the old Space Mountain mission control tv broadcast...if anyone could help fill in the blanks, I'd appreciate it.

My favorite has to be the California-themed BGM from DCA's Paradise Pier. Its one of those loops that just gets into my head and won't leave!!