Favorite Disney TV Cartoon Theme


Well, I chose DuckTales as that is the only one I can remember right now. And I figure if I can sing it now than it was memorable enough to stick in mind. I miss those Disney Afternoons.....



$127.50???? Maybe I should think about selling mine even so I still love it ... with that price??

I don't understand that - the CD is popping up now and then on e-bay and I never saw it fetching such a price - and I didn't pay such a price when I bought mine through e-bay...

But back to the original topic of this thread - the favorite Disney TV Cartoon Theme. I had to vote for Tale Spin, I just love that one, really catchy and the one I still remember from that time. I wonder: was the Darkwing Duck theme ever released? It wasn't on the Disney Afternoon CD but maybe hidden on some other sampler?



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What about the theme song for Teacher's Pet? I love that one! Or the Wuzzles theme song - another great one!

I watch most of these shows on Toon Disney on a regular basis, so these songs are still with me. Too bad they took the Wuzzles off, and the Gummi Bears come on too early. I love the older cartoons! :)



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DuckTales got my vote, but only because the Gummi Bears wasn't listed. I also loved the Disney Afternoon. I think it went downhill when they added Goof Troop.


Hats off to Rhino Records! They have released some really great material these last few years...and a very eclectic mix I might add. :)


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Hi folks,
reading this thread a while back pushed me into compiling a Cd of all the disney cartoon themes I have onto


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O'Dear Cut my own reply off there :-

As I was saying, reading this thread a while back prompted me to make a compilation CD of all my Disney Cartoon themes from various cassette and CD sources,
The track listing now looks like this:
1. Disney Afternoon theme
2. Rescue Rangers theme
3. Tale Spin
4. Friends for life (from tale spin)
5. I'm Gone (from tale spin)
6. Duck Tales
7. Gummi Bears
8. Gummiberry juice
9. Rough tough burly sailors song (from gummi bears)
10. Darkwing duck
11. One saturday morning theme
12. Doug
13. Recess
14. Pepper Ann
15. Hercules
16. 101 Dalmations TV theme
17. Pooh bear song
18 Timon and pumbaa theme
19. Jungle cubs theme

I must admit compiling the CD made me smile :)
most of the tunes are sooo catchy.
The sources for the tracks come from the Disney Afternoon (tape not Cd unfortunatly) the one saturday morning (tape), the third CD in the legacy on song set (duck tales and tale spin) and the RHINO cartoon song CD mentioned above (darkwing)

Dusting off my Disney Afternoon tape brought back memories of its purchase in 1991 at the opening of the UKs first Disney Store on Regents Street in London.
The tape sat all alone amougst a pile of Aladdin tapes.
(i'm glad I grabbed it now ;) )

My answer to the thread question having heard the songs today is-
1. Tale Spin
2. Gummi bears theme
3. Pepper Ann

Jason (having a lazy disney afternoon)
PS my wife says the Duck Tales theme makes her teeth go on edge :-


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I voted for Rescue Rangers, because I can't get it out of my head!!! But I'd also nominate the theme song from the newest Disney toon, Kim Possible. Can't get that one out of my head either! Apparently there is nothing else in my head to prevent them from replaying ;D




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Disney Afternoon was one of the first dozen or so Disney CD's that I bought when I started my collection that is now over 500 Disney CD's . I didn't actively watch ANY of the Disney Afternoon shows (I was already working by the time most of them went on the air), but really liked the CD. I'd say that Duck Tales was my favorite...I liked the lyrics. And liked the tune of Gummibeary Juice. Pity that the latter one would go through my head for DAYS and days and days and days .