Favorite Disney Love Song


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Okay, gang, time for a new poll...You can probably guess what my favorite song is ;), but I'd love to hear about yours, too. Thurman

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"A Whole New World" was "our" song when Joe and I got married (6 weeks ago tomorrow). The MOVIE version...not the Peabo Bryson version!


Gredo G.

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I always thought "I'm Wishing" and "Some Day My Prince Will Come" were very romantic and well done Disney songs


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I love "Beauty & the Beast" from the movie Beauty & the Beast & "I Won't Say (I'm In Love)" from Hercules


I've goota go with La La Lu from Lady And The Tramp. While not a traditional love song [boy girl], it is a beautiful version and works perfectly.



I had to go with Someday My Prince Will Come from Snow White. Only because when I was a little girl my daddy used to sing it for me. My second choice would have to be Beauty & The Beast.



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Another blast from the past! Who are these people?! :D

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Instead of listing "other" can you list all of the possible choices? How will I know if I'm making the correct decision if not all choices are available? ;)


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Mine's "Bella Notte" without a doubt. Just love that song.
Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie, so I have to go with "A Whole New World." I also love the very traditional, "So This is Love" from Cinderella. It is a classic, but my second choice.