Favorite disney CDs?

I am bored so I decided to bring back the kind of discussion we used to have long ago. If you had to choose 2 or so of your absolute favorite Disney CDs what would they be. Choosing 1 is impossible for me. You can list a single cd or a box set it doesnt matter Mine are

The Sherman Brothers CD from 1992

Ragtime at the Magic Kingdom

The Official Album of Disneyland & WDW 1991


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B&TB (B'way version)
HBOND (movie soundtrack)

Both in English, thank-you-very-much . BTW I have both in at least 6 languages .



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I'm glad you included "box set" because that opens up quite a bit of windows!

1. Tokyo Disneyland's "Treasures of Fantasy" box set (the old one, I don't have the new one yet)

2. "The Official Album of Disneyland and Walt Disney World" from 1991 (so much EPCOT!)


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Oh, wait! Maybe I should rethink #2. I just realized there was another set that I may want to pick instead.

so #2 can be "Disney's 75 Years of Music & Memories". I just love that set. It's so well rounded, it's got a little of everything!

matt d.

An excellent topic!

I'd have to pick:

1) The "Disney's 75 Years" box set (As Ben said, very well rounded).
2) The 2002 Disneyland Official Album (As mentioned here many times by many people, if only each WDW park could get a CD like this one. It's a perfect model for the perfect *single park* album.)

And what's not to like about the *1988* Official Album for DL and WDW? ;)

matt d.


Magic in the Streets is definatley my Desert Island Disk.

And maybe Classic Disney Vol. 2 - Main Street, Age of not believing, Candle on the Water, Can you feel the love tonight.... need I go on?


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> And what's not to like about the *1988*
> Official Album for DL and WDW?

Y'know, that's the ONE Disney CD that I DON'T have. Fortunately, my husband does. That's why I married him. For that and his DVC points. I'm no fool (no siree. I wanna live to be 93. Mr. Sharon will be a whopping 86 at that time ).



Now you've got me interested... do you have a tracklisting for this 88 OA?

Well, does it differ from my 1980 OA LP?
Any help would be grand...!


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The 1988 CD "The Music of Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and EPCOT Center" is identical to the 1991 CD "Official Album of Disneyland and Walt Disney World". I'm not sure why they rereleased it under the different name, but the material is the same.

I, like Sharon, don't have that early one either because of that fact. I am a completist, but I don't want to pay Ebay prices for different CD jackets...Maybe if I find it for a good price I'll add it to my collection.


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Maybe they rereleased the CD because it was kind of odd to say "Walt Disney World and EPCOT Center" since EPCOT is part of Walt Disney World...

So in essence, they were calling the Magic Kingdom "Walt Disney World"...Which they had been doing up until EPCOT Center opened, but in 1988 EPCOT had already been open for 6 years. So, maybe it was just marketing trying to get everybody to call the whole resort "Walt Disney World", especially since Disney MGM Studios was about to open.


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Mebbe they just re-released it with another cover for the "completists" who came back to WDW a few years later and didn't realize that it was the identical CD .


David S.

Great thread, Steve!

I'm glad you said "two or so" - the key words being OR SO - because I'd have a hard time stopping at even two!

I'm also glad Boxed Sets are eligible, because after all, even though they are more than one CD, they are technically one release.

So my first choice would have to be the 20 CD "Disney Dreams" boxed set of animated film soundtracks released in Japan, which I actually don't have, but I do have the US versions of those soundtracks individually. This would be a way to get most of the classic soundtracks both from the Walt era and from the modern era onto the desert island and have them only count as one release. Of course, since Mary Poppins, 101 Dalmatians, and Fantasia were not part of that set, and since Pete's Dragon, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and Happiest Millionaire had not even been released yet, I'd have to bring them too, surpassing the 2 release limit right there!

Next, I'd have to bring the "75 Years of Music and Memories" boxed set, as it is the most comprehensive and well rounded overview of Disney Music ever released IMO.

BUT, "The Music of Disney - A Legacy In Song" boxed set is what originally got me reaquainted with my love of Disney music and hooked on collecting individual soundtracks in the first place, and since it also has some rare tracks unavailable elsewhere, that would have to come too!

And aside from the park tracks found on those compilations, I'd have no park music from what I've listed so far, so I'd also have to take along the Original 1988/91 Official Album CD, the newer Official Albums as originally produced by Randy, and the MSEP/Fantasmic CD released by Disneyland a while back, as that has a fantastic, complete version of MSEP on it featuring the complete loop of every segment of the parade.

And of course I'd have to get someone to burn the complete soundtracks to Country Bear Jamboree and Enchanted Tiki Room original shows for me, since they are still not "officially" available unless I fell asleep and missed the announcement.

So Steve, I'm really glad you said two OR SO. Because even with boxed sets elligible, I find it impossible to stop there! ;)



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Yeah, I thought about picking the "Disney Dreams" set too. It's a really nice set, and I love the art cards, or whatever they're called that come with it. They are pretty big and are reproductions of each of the CD covers. But I still stick with my original choices...

matt d.

Re:1988 Official Album

Hi Everyone!

Regarding the 1988 Official Album Cd, I was fortunate enough (crazy enough early on? :) ) to buy this when it was first released. It was actually my second Disney CD purchase (after the the Kunzel Cinnicinnati Pops CD that bears the same name as this site). And I agree with Ben and Sharon, no need to buy it if you already have 1991. But you could marry into it, I guess. ;)

matt d.


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Ayep...marriage is a good thing, in some ways that are totally unexpected. I even remember when I "discovered" his 1988 WDW OA CD. "You have the ORIGINAL WDW OA on CD?" My eyes bugged out and everything .

'88 &'91 DL/WDW OA Track Listing:

Side 1:

Main Street Electrical Parade
Yo-Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me)
The Droid Rooms
The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room
Minnie's Yo-Hoo
Maple Leaf Rag
The Great Outdoors
Mickey Mouse Club March
It's A Small World
Grim Grinning Ghosts
Swannee River
Everybody's Got A Laughing Place
Magic Journeys
When You Wish Upon A Star

Side 2:

Tomorrow's Child
Energy (You Make The World Go Round)
Canada (You're A Lifetime Journey
Universe Of Energy
Listen To The Land
One Little Spark
It's Fun To Be Free
New Horizons
Makin' Memories
Kitchen Cabaret Medly: Bakery Boy/Meat Ditties/Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit
Golden Dream.

*on the CD version of this album "Space" is farther along on the CD.