Fantasy In The Sky


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I have a question for Y'all. When both the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland were doing Fantasy In the Sky for their fireworks shows for all those years was the soundtrack ever changed? If so how often did the soundtrack for FITS change? Also did the two parks have the same soundtrack being used at the same time?

Thanks for reading. I am very interested in your insight.
i do know for a fact that the Fantasy in the Sky soundtrack was revised from the original version that played to guests when it first was shown. The first soundtrack was a longer intro with Jack Wagner's voice and "when you wish a upon a star" was song by the famous disneyland chorus and then Tink would take her flight. Then in the early 1990 it was changed with a shorter intro, and they cut the opening. The revised version was released on DL 1997's official album, as the first one was never released. I do own both and love the first version the best!.