Fantasmic and Carol Of The Bells (?)


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Hiya everyone! Been reading this site for years but never really had any questions that eventually didn't get answered by any of you at some point.

But now I have one! I was just at MGM and before Fantasmic started they were running a Christmas loop and played a beautiful version of "Carol of the Bells" and I can't figure out where to buy it! It's not the David Foster one from Epcot's Lights of Winter. It's a more subdued version with some piano.

Anyone know what artist did this version of the song? I'd love to be able to listen to it at home. :)


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Total conjecture, but if it was solo piano, it could be George Winston's version from his DECEMBER CD.


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I actually have that (my favorite version of Carol of the Bells, actually) - great suggestion, but it's not the one.

Anyone else have any ideas?



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I have not heard the version you are inquiring about at the park, but listening to you describe the song, it may be the version by a young pianist (20's) by the name of William Joseph. He is actually a protege of David Foster's and his version of Carol of the Bells is very similar to David Fosters.

I know you can listen to a clip of it under the music downloads section of Just search for William Joseph. If that doesn't work I'm sure you can probably locate it on i-tunes or one of the other music download websites.

I hope this is the one.