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Does anyone anyplace BESIDES Ebay where i can find a copy? I DK why BV Music didnt just release it on CD like MILLIONAIRE or BEDKNOBS.
If you live in Los Angeles, I have seen it around quite a bit at used record stores. There is a shop on Franklin in Hollywood, near the Hollywood sign (I can anever remember the name - a used book and record store) that had one lately. Another in downtown Orange (name? Gary's Records or something like that) that has had it consistently in the past - - and perhaps Goat Hill Records in Costa Mesa had one too. You might also try Atomic Records in Burbank.

Hopefully it will be a Wonderland CD title soon at the park.
I saw two copies at Amoeba Records Hollywood on Sunset tonight (6/1) - I think one was sealed. Cheap.

Call information or Google them. I'm not sure if they mail order.
Here is a site that has one:

Look under " Broadway/original cast"

M- $15

If you still have trouble finding one, let me know as I have 2 copies ( 1 sealed which I will keep after I copy the other to CD) and would be willing to sell/trade.

I also have extras of several Disney albums and storytellers if someone is looking to trade. I hope to get my collection on to "personal CD" copies and then store the original vinyl (except I keep pulling them out to look at the sleeve artwork!! :eek:)

Good Hunting!!