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I see that our friends over at the Extinct Attractions Club are now offering up audio DVDs for sale in addition to the videos.
I have seen some of these DVD's, and they are of poor quality in my opinion. I would highly believe that the audio they are now offering is that of low quality downloads, or various stolen works of remixs done by fellow disney fans...


I've got a few of the DVDs and they aren't top quality as far as the audio, but I love the memories captured on video! I mean, a lot of things that are hard to find and some interesting tidbits are uncovered here and there. If there was a higher quality alternative, I would give them a try....but, these are the only folks that actually make an effort to put these 'documentaries' out.

I'm a fan of their work. And, I'm definitely tempted to pick up that '78 Epcot film. Very interesting.
Some of the videos they offer are worth having when its a case of the only versions known to circulate in the market, but after their disgraceful "If You Had Wings" DVD which took the very same footage that has circulated for a decade and substituted its natural audio with the Demo Track that was never part of the actual ride, I refused to buy anything from them again.


Just got an e-mail from the Extinct Attractions club about their two new DVDs. Both are 'upgrades' to previous DVDs. The first is a Mission to Mars upgrade and the 2nd (since we've been mentioning it) is the upgrade to the "If You Had Wings" DVD. Here's the info...

Our second new DVD is a new version of If you had Wings, featuring an interview with X ATENCIO! X created the song and the script for this famous Eastern Airlines attraction. Also we found enhanced audio of the original If you had wings attraction and have restored our film with originalride though audio! Now its as close as you can get to having wings yourself! This DVD is great because it tells the story of the transition from Disneyland to Disneyworld, and is great for fans of both parks, as it covers he time period of 1965 to 1973. This is a great updated DVD and is only $15 for members. instead of the normal $22.49

For If you Had Wings NEW version click below:

.....I have no affiliation other than being a fan of their work, but since someone mentioned about the "If You Had Wings" audio being an issue, looks like they've addressed it.
I got that same e-mail as well (the result of my past purchases). If the audio on "If You Had Wings" is indeed fixed, I am open to getting this since that for me is the centerpiece of anything associated with an extinct WDW attraction (audio and video of this ride).

Now if only some day the tracks to all parts of the ride would get out of that vault!

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Let's not all buy this one at once though. Someone has to be a guinea pig and tell us how it is. Anyone? (Takes two large steps back)
I'll look forward to hearing your review of it, because if the original IYHW audio is there, then I'll buy it! (Not that my VHS copy is in any danger but a DVD version of the same footage would be great).

Dr. Know

I just received the EPCOT 1978 dvd (in the proverbial plain brown wrapper--packaging is, um, minimal-read nonexistent), and I must say that although the video quality is "B" at best, the documentaries are fascinating, and a must-have for EPCOT junkies. I especially enjoyed the third film on the dvd, which is a short subject about the making of Spaceship Earth. Wow! Wouldn't it be great if these films saw an official release to coincide with EPCOT's 25th anniversary?
Dear Dr.-

About when did you order that? I'm waiting for mine, and just wondering how long it will take.



Dr. Know

It was slooooow. I ordered it on October 24, and received it on November 9, via Fedex ground. It was worth the wait, though.



OK, I got the new If You Had Wings disc. There is some good news, and some, well, not-so-sure news. In the preliminary information, they have added some interview snippets with X Atencio, which though short are good to see. And the ride through clearly no longer has the demo soundtrack but an actual ride-through track. What I'm not sure about is that it seems to be an audio track recorded at another time. I think this is the case because, although it is generally on-cue, in the scene with the officer directing traffic, I remember that in the ride the music changed with each visual change of direction - on the new DVD, they don't seem to be quite in sync. Well, in any case, I think it's a significant improvement on the original DVD, so I'm glad I got it.